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[Paul Lismore] What will the Opposition do ? Little action but lots of stupid slogans again ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 13 Mai 2022

I wrote the post in the second half of this article a year ago. We all know that so many parastatals have been created entirely for the benefit of the Prime Minister and for his arse lickers. All with incredibly high salaries, monstrously immoral entitlements and privileges, and which bring absolutely fuck all to Lepep. ALL our Prime Ministers have behaved like Frankenstein and created these little monsters.

Question: How many useless parastatals will the next Prime Minister get rid of? Or, will he keep them, because he, as usual, will prefer to protect the interests of the arseholes surrounding him, and ignore the interests of the people? Remember, the annual salary, privileges, and entitlements of each ONE of these nominees is more than enough to build one or two modest houses for our little army of homeless citizens. I look at some of the new members of the PTr, including its Women's League, and that mob of grotesque egos makes me fear for the future of our island.

So, instead of your stupid slogans, give us a list of the useless parastatals/useless institutions that you will get rid of in your first month of taking power....Don't tell us, "nou pou aret koription! Assizer bez cass pou arete! Nominations en fesse pou arete! Missions bidon, Asser! Per Diem, asser! Limousines arete!"etc. Give us specific details of how you will achieve these things, otherwise they are just empty slogans, and we may as well all emigrate now...

I am fed up with having a go at ti cretin and his army of thieves and dangerous bastards. Time for me to now have a look at those who seek to replace him and his mob. You have been warned!

Here is the post from last year, edited for those who find Tik Tok's short, rather stupid videos test the limits of their intellectual endurance..... Read it and ask yourselves: Kommien sa ban institutions parazit la ene nouvo gouvernman pou bour deor/detruir? Arete ekut propagande vide. Dimane zot ban "leaders" exacteman ki zot pou fer. Ki zot dan PTr, MMM, PMSD, ou parti ban ti macros ki pou  "gouverner autreman" san koner ki sa v dire, etc etc. Aret azir kouma zombies! Poz questions!

We have now reached a stage where the obvious answer to the question, " What is the purpose of our institutions?" is " They exist simply to give incredibly well paid jobs to the idiots who love hanging on to the testicles of their political masters"...Let me give you the names of some institutions that most of us are still looking at with a powerful torch for any evidence of usefulness...This is a very short list, but I am sure you will agree that most of our parastatals/institutions are absolutely useless and remain a terrible drain on our economy.

1/ National Human Rights Commission: Does anyone know what this commission does? Has anyone got any proof that it has actually done anything of any value since it came into existence?Its President is ex Judge Dhiraj Seetulsing, and he earns Rs 176,000 every month plus stupendous benefits including chauffeur driven limousine, etc etc. On top of that, he gets a full pension as a judge which is the same as he would have earned if he was still a judge! Pays miracle, ein? So, he gets at least Rs 400,000 a month, for doing fuck all really....In Mauritius, when you do fuck all, you also need a Vice President who will also do fuck all. So, step forward Marie Lourdes Lee Yin Lam Hung, who earns Rs 140,000 per month plus stupendous benefits for doing what Seetulsing does particularly well: fuck all.In the world of doing fuck all in Mauritius, you also need underlings who are adept at doing fuck all: At the NHRC, we have Sam Lauthan, ex politician and Jonathan Ravat, peripatetic roder boutte, as ordinary members on Rs 74,350 a month...

2/ Has anyone ever heard of the National Preventive Mechanism Division? Well, it exists, although no one knows exactly what id does. Its Vice President is Mohamed Iqbal Toorabally who earns Rs140,000 every month + stupendous entitlements. The two members of this good for nothing "Division", Namrata Teeluckdharry and Michel Vieillesse, remain young on a monthly salary of Rs 110,000 plus juicy benefits. All for doing fuck all but trying to look very important...

I'll mention a third institution which definitely proves that many members of these institutions are so useless that they perhaps need to be locked up in an ...institution! The Independent Broadcasting Authority has a budget of Rs 3.5 millions which is spent almost exclusively on its Board members, as it never does any work of any value. Its chairman is a taxi driver whose skill lies mainly in hanging on to the testicles of the politicians in power. Taxi Driver Bhooneswar Rajkumarsing gets Rs 68, 200 for finding that the MBC is the most independent, fair, and unbiased national TV centre in the world, ably supported by Dick the Prick of ICTA notoriety, and the man who has more institutional memberships than he has had hot dinners, Dhiren Dabee, our lovely Solicitor General, and another 6 members. All 8 members receive Rs 24,000 every month for fuck knows what. When I see the huge amount of taxpayers' money wasted on these useless institutions, one thought comforts me: that the person who makes their tea will piss in the kettle before serving them, and that the pizzas that get delivered to them for their meetings each contain a nice portion of fresh, steaming shit lovingly mixed in with the cheese topping...That is the least that these parasites deserve....Of course, they are so stupid and pretentious that they are likely to praise the quality of the cheese and show their knowledge of world affairs by saying that it must be Swiss Cheese...

On a serious note, the above few institutions are mere examples of how our money is being wasted. Billions of our rupees are being wasted on institutions that are useless, do nothing, and serve only one purpose: for ministers to reward the arseholes posing as their supporters.That is our democracy....Will the opposition get rid of them if it obtains power at the next elections? Will it get rid of the many similar institutions that act like parasites on our economy in terminal decline? Will it stop providing chauffeur driven limousines to every cunt massaging their testicles? Will it put an end to that grotesque nonsense known as "entertainment allowance", 15th month pay for the arsehole nominees of this world, and stupid missions that never bring us anything of value? I am afraid I cannot see any evidence of that. 
Why? Because the opposition never tells us what exactly it will do. Just empty slogans, stupid memes, useless press conferences that not even my mad neighbour and his crazier dog would dare to watch..

Vendredi 13 Mai 2022

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