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[Paul Lismore] What do you call a woman who is so evil that she makes life very traumatic for her elderly cousin?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 3 Novembre 2022

[Paul Lismore] What do you call a woman who is so evil that she makes life very traumatic for her elderly cousin?
Imagine you own a plot of land, part of the "heritage familial", bought and nurtured by several generations of your family. It has roads on both sides and is in a prime location. The land is about one arpent, and land in that particular area is being sold for Rs30,000 to Rs 40,000 per toise. So, my admittedly poor grasp of mathematics tells me that the land is worth at least Rs 28 millions.

The toadies at something called the New Social Living Development Ltd send you a letter to say that your land is being compulsorily purchased for, wait for it, Rs 7, 790, 000! That is a quarter of its market value! This was sent on 2nd November, when a fake Hindu was telling us at Appravasi Ghat about the sacrifices of our great, great grandfathers. He of course does not tell us how he and his father became billionaires by simply joining politics and serving themselves...

Some days prior to that, our gablous were sent with rifles to accompany the Striking, Missing, and Pissing Team to your house to try to find evidence of "money laundering"....Of course, they found nothing. But the message was clear: Dire to gendre aret amerde nou!

I am of course referring to the mother in law of Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, an elderly widow who is not in the best of health. Her mother happens to be the sister of Kailash Ramdanee who, as you know, is the father of the one I nicknamed Lady Macbeth because of her addiction to abusing the power of her husband Prime Minister for many "louche" activities. No one has ever given her even one vote, but she acts and behaves as if pays la pou mari sorma sa.

For some obscure reason, and we seem to have many families where at least one behaves like the Devil Incarnate, Lady Macbeth dislikes that side of her family and has now transformed that dislike into actions designed to cause as much hurt as possible.

I don't expect the other relatives like Sonah Ori, Divya Ringadoo, the Teelucks etc to come out and support Mrs Gaya. Many of them really love the flavours drifting out of la kwizinne....Bear in mind how many lives have been wrecked by the forcible sale of lands and houses for the thing called Metro. 
Remember also how this compulsory purchase lark can often be a weapon for getting much more than the real value si la kwizinne kontan to la grain moutarde....or a weapon to destroy you si madame la dire ban zoaves, "kraze!".

How can you forget the most grotesque case ever of compulsory purchase involving Zis Zat Zoz Husnoo? Remember how he protested over the evaluations of his land? " Anwar Husnoo a expliqué qu'il avait contesté deux évaluations de Rs 6 375 000 et Rs 6 350 000 respectivement...... Le ministre de la Santé avait demandé moins que Rs 15 millions pour la portion de terrain qu'il avait cédé au gouvernement sous la "Compulsory Land Acquisition". Mais c'est la juge Narain, qui préside l'Assessment Board, qui a fixé le montant à Rs 15 millions."

The icing on the cake? Kan li tan Rs 15 millions,  Anwar Husnoo dire: "It was more than I expected. Mo ti demane moins que ça". Haha! Nou tou bizin ene gran mere ki kan nou dimane Rs 25, li donne nou Rs 100, non? 

The question now is: What will Lady Macbeth now get her witches to do to an elderly widow? In sey piez li lor money laundering, mai zero plonbaz. Aster, p rode kokin la terre ki grand pere so bolom ti donne li....  What next, Lady Macbeth? Striking Team p fer tro missing and pissing...Avoy lekip ki ti okip Kistnen kouma ban gran "patriotes" aster?

Whatever views we may have about the PTr, the MMM, or even the MSM, we retain some fondness for Lady Sushil Ramgoolam, Madame Arline Berenger, Veena Ramgoolam, and even Lady Sarojini Jugnauth. Can anyone say the same thing about the evil witch who has replaced them?

Et kan ena zoaves dire tou les zours ki " Ena ene Bon dier ki p guette tou". Sel reponse mo ena: "B dire li sanz so opticiens, parski ban bandits in fini pran preske tou, et li pa p truv narien!"

Jeudi 3 Novembre 2022

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