[Paul Lismore] Well done, Arvin and Shakeel, for showing that you do not share Berenger's incurable obsession with posts and stupid tactics...

Rédigé par E. Moris le Lundi 1 Mars 2021

I always wonder whenever people recall with fake nostalgia the 2 years Berenger served as Prime Minister, and I always challenge them to tell me one wonderful change that he brought to our lives as Prime Minister of this island.

Their silence always confirms to me that the image of the man, sustained over 52 long years by arse licking zourlanus, is at complete variance with the reality of someone who is tactically naive and quite stupid in fact, and who has had more people leaving him and his party than those trying to escape from a leper colony.

We have seen it all before: the fake concern over " nou pa envi blesse personne", whilst brutally sticking the dagger in the back of friends suddenly turned into opponents by an overactive and rather weak mind has now become very boring. It is a lame attempt to hide the brutal truth: that someone notorious for tactics that are quite infantile and which stem from an oversized ego is often caught out in the contradiction of his own puerile machinations.

Let me elaborate, as I am sure his zombies will try to contradict me with either some monosyllabic nonsense or by chanting some stale slogan:

1/ When everyone else is interested in forming a united opposition to try to remove the most corrupt and destructive government in our history, what is Missier Berenger's main concern? Kisan la pou vine President, kisan la pou vine Vice President, kisan la pou renpli ban lezot posts, kisan la ki pu vine Premier Ministre, etc. The elections are four years away, assuming the Supreme Court does not invalidate some results at the last elections.  Now, you know how much faith I have in Your Honour, don't you? Nearly 17 months since the last elections, and His Honour p enkor etidier dossiers la...which perhaps indicates what His Honour will decide...

2/ Four years from the next elections, and Missier la pli interesser aster la meme ar ki so ban dimounes pou renpli ban posts? Eoula!

3/ Berenger's main concern over the years, never mind his so-called "Socialist" credentials, has always been the dramatic increase in privileges for politicians and his nominees. Remember, he was the one who gave us the President and Vice Presidents of the Republic with incredible salaries and pensions of such an immoral magnitude that no sane person could ever dream of endorsing.

He was also responsible for the absolute nonsense of giving a fantastic pension to anyone having been elected in 2 elections.. So, those who were elected in 1982 and 1983, for example, will be eligible for that pension for life, even though they would have 'servi pays' for a total of 5 years! Even worse, le grand Berenger also decreed that those who stood for only one election in 1967 would be deemed to have stood for the 1972 elections which had been cancelled, and can therefore get that juicy pension too!!

4/ Before 2000, no one had heard of anyone earning more than the Chief Judge or the President. i.e. all salaries were unofficially capped at just over Rs100,000 per month. Berenger and his mob paid the chuttur ka mou in charge of ICAC well over Rs 300,000 a month , and over Rs 300,000 for his own "Senior Adviser"! Now, the sky's the limit, and salaries of nominees have become astronomical. Merci Missier Berenger.

5/ His wonderful tactics at creating alliances: He walked out of the MMM/PSM alliance in 1983, out of the MSM/MMM alliance of 1991, walked out of the PTr/MMM 1995 Alliance, broke the MMM/MSM alliance of 2005, fed SAJ a piece of cake in 2013 and immediately afterwards jumped into Ramgoolam's bed for a MMM/PTr Alliance.

6/ The L'entente de l'opposition, created by Ramgoolam and comprising PTr/MMM/PMSD/Reform was smashed to pieces by the chap ki pa kontan blesse personne by humiliating the main party of the opposition, the PTr. Why? Because 4 years from the next elections, he has now decided that Ramgoolam cannot be candidate for the PM post, A few months from the municipal elections, when people will be voting for local services and could not give a fuck about who will be the next PM, Missier la konne pli bien, li!

7/ Boolell has resigned and so has Shakeel Mohamed. They had no choice really after Berenger's incredibly stupid words last Saturday. To have remained as leader of the opposition and as Chief Whip would have meant constantly waiting for the dagger to be planted firmly in their backs at any time.

8/ Berenger has been hoisted by his own petard. Will he stand as leader of the opposition? Will Xavier support him, bearing in mind Berenger's childishly vindictive attitude when Xavier replaced him as leader of the opposition in 2017? Does anyone remember any questions, even one, asked by Berenger in the National Assembly since 2014? Or even since 2013 as almost a year was spent koz kozer with Ramgoolam before finalising the PTr/MMM Alliance?

9/ Apparently, "  Les Bleus, avons-nous appris, sont contre la démission d’Arvin Boolell comme leader de l’opposition." Really? So, why did Xavier shut his mouth last Saturday and instead allowed Berenger to take over the leadership of MMM/PMSD/Reform? I am surprised that both Xavier and Bhadain allowed themselves to be led by the nose down that self destructive path.

The end result of Berenger's predictably stupid tactic? PTr will come out stronger and more united. If it can get Reform and Bhadain onside and make the right noises to Bruneau Laurette and to Percy Yip Tong re changing society and protecting the environment, the PMSD will also try to rejoin PTR...although I doubt whether the PTr will need them.

The MMM will be left on its own, and can only make an alliance with the MSM. Somehow, I do not think even the MSM will want MMM as a partner. Only Berenger thinks that his party is hugely popular....
So, well done Berenger! The leader of all leaders has turned out to be the moron of all morons.

Lundi 1 Mars 2021

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