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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 7 Mars 2020

Our free and independent press...where zourlanus can immediately mention the names of criminals with no backing, but find it impossible to know the name of the owner of that death trap where 3 people died recently.

It happens all the time: if you are ugly and you are someone who loves to mug people or break into their houses and steal their assets, you are guaranteed a front page picture in our wonderful newspapers. Garanti sa! But if you know someone who knows someone else, the right words will be said and abracadabra!

Our zourlanus will suffer complete amnesia over the name of the miscreant.The way the deaths of those 3 poor individuals in the fire at Lab 51 has been covered is a prime example of this incredible insomnia: We know all about the victims (including a quite scandalous coverage by le defi where the corpses were filmed being taken from the ambulances to the morgue, as if we really wanted to see that...) of the fire, but we know sweet fuck all about the owner of the building....the same owner who presumably believed that only one door of access to the building was perfectly safe in the absence of a fire exit door!

What about the role of those responsible for issuing fire/safety certificates?

Apparently, the whole dossier on Lab 51's application for a fire certificate, etc has now vanished!I am told we have some people who go around calling themselves "Health and Safety". We only get to hear about their work, or lack of it, whenever a disaster occurs, and then it is quite likely that some soucerre will trot out the "Get out of jail free" card known as " Zot ti suiv tou procedures!"Loads of crocodile tears will be shed over the tragic deaths of those 3 victims...But every effort will be taken to cover up the identity of those who did not give a fuck about the safety and well being of their workers.  

Talking of crocodiles, you know that emblem of a crocodile on clothing that makes some people pay an absolute fortune for the branded items?  As our wonderful, free, and independent press refuses to name the owner of the building, here it is:

The name is associated with a crocodile, which silly people with more money than sense, look out for before paying an absolute fortune for its branded clothes.Crocodiles fer dimounes peur, alor li possib ki nou zourlanus pena kouraz pou mentionne li...

Anyway, the owner is Yannick Lacoste, who is married to Celine Vallet. Two names you are unlikely to see boir ene bol halim dan coin la ri...

Finally, the inspector of works of the Council is supposed to visit the premises prior to the BLUP (Building and Land Use Permit) being issued .Now, was the building fit for commercial use? The information I have is that it was a rotten building where highly inflammable substances were regularly used. And in case of emergency, you can only escape via the front door, because there aren't any other doors!

How come the owners of Lab 51 got the permit? Isn’t there a case of negligence against the issuing authority?

Samedi 7 Mars 2020

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