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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 3 Mars 2020

Another week, another big splash and prime coverage of an idiot who claims to be God's representative on earth, but whose demeanour of hatred and fanaticism suggests a greater affinity with Satan than with the Almighty.

This time, it was L'Express and that inhabitant of the sewers known as Somdutt Dulthumum, an individual whose whole existence is predicated on whose political arsehole he is currently licking. Time was when Navin Ramgoolam was his God, but that was when the latter had power and was Prime Minister.

Since 2014, it is Pravin Jugnauth's nether regions which fascinates the Dulthaidiot to such an extent that shops have now run out of the lurid curtains he, and other oiks like him, loves to drape over the PM's shoulders at every possible opportunity. 

It would be absolutely pointless to ask whether these so called socio cultural leaders have any sense of shame, pride, or self respect: the answer is obvious. If your whole life is spent sniffing the dirty pants of your political heroes, then you are nothing but an arselicker, a man so selfish that he will not think twice about using God in order to further his own ambitions.

You see these pathetic individuals in EVERY religion, with the more cunning ones calling themselves "Scholars" in the hope that they will be seen as 'intellectuals' and not as the religious zealots and fanatics that they really are. 

Let me get back to the L'Express interview of Dulthaidiot by Axcel Chenney.

This made a pleasant change to read as, for once, the journalist did not just leave an open floor for the oik to peddle his stupid views. Instead, there was a distinct element of piss taking running throughout the whole interview, and there can't be many who did not think after reading it that the Dulthaidiot is not only a buffoon but a prized idiot to boot.

Now, let us hope that other journalists will adopt this method when they give free space to people like Gregoire, the 'Voice' of various religions, and all those individuals with the absolute arrogance to believe that we need them in order to communicate with God.

The Bajaman and his IoN are the champions at shoving a microphone under the faces of those troglodytes, and then letting them peddle their stupid and at times poisonous filth, without questioning them about anything. Is that journalism? Really? Eoula!

Don't these zourlanus think that it is high time that those idiots were brought back to earth and asked to justify some of the outlandish views that they hold? By staying quiet and just letting them rabbit on and on, I am afraid the journalist is condoning, and in some cases, encouraging some of the dangerous and extremist views that these people hold.

The time for taking a hard line with those loathsome individuals is long overdue. It is no use simply giving them a microphone and letting them shit on it whilst you sit and watch. A so called multiracial country that at the same time gives free rein to self appointed religious leaders to exploit the latent and always bubbling, under the surface, divisions in our society is asking for trouble.

And journalists have a duty to ensure that dangerous and divisive people are never given the publicity they crave for, and the facilities to spread their toxic and poisonous views. If they have to be given a platform, use it to mock the bastards and let them show us what idiots they really are...

Like the Dulthaidiot did in the interview where he was eviscerated by Axcel Chenney.

Mardi 3 Mars 2020

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