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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 27 Mars 2020

" The miser, starving his brother's body, starves also his own soul, and at death shall creep out of his great estate of injustice, poor and naked and miserable"....Theodore Parker

Mauritius: the home of very stingy rich and super rich people, which also includes many who are thinking of new ideas to make a fast buck by exploiting the mess we all find ourselves in.

Many of you have seen the menu from "Paul", the business owned by Rakesh Gooljaury, the only bankrupt in the world who still receives millions of rupees from friendly bank managers as 'loans' that will never be repaid, and which will never land him in a court of law. 1 stuffed croissant with something called Fuze tea and 1 macaron: Rs 600 siouplai! As far as I am concerned, he can stuff his croissant up his arse and Fuze off with a macaron up his nostrils! 

Gooljaury of course has an inexhaustible supply of dilo dire oui, and our political leaders simply love to drink it: the man has politicians, zavokas/politicians/ ex judges on his payroll and can basically do whatever he wants in our etat de droit.

Which he has been doing with impunity over the last 2 decades. Even now, in these dark days of fear and hunger when many poor people do not know where the next meal is coming from, our Rake is doing his best to replenish his coffers by appealing to the greed and snobbery of the middle classes so that they can tell their neighbours and family: "Nou pa in cuit, nou! Nou in pran Paul so take away"...

Pravind Jugnauth has once again missed an obvious trick, no doubt because his head is bamboozled with the crap advice being given to him by air hostess Ken Arian, Rudy batter battri Veerachuchundar, Nilen Sipakisamy, a mediocre zavoka who apparently forces judges to reach for the black cape every time they see him representing a defendant, and a little army of ne'er do wells who have the effrontery to believe that they know anything at all about politics.

Let me explain: Pravind Jugnauth is a very rich man with a billionaire father whose immense wealth will be passed on to him.

A clever, ultra rich Prime Minister would have voluntarily offered his whole pay (after all, over Rs 500,000 per month is loose change for him...) and declared that all his ministers, PPS, and members of the MSM who are also MLAs, will forego at least one month's pay in solidarity with the many who are facing immense difficulties in feeding their families.

In other words, he should have taken the initiative and shown the leadership and self sacrifice that would have gained him many brownie points. What did he do instead? He waited for Eshan Joomun, Shakeel Mohamed and others in the PTr to volunteer their salary before making a pronouncement that seemed both begrudging and something that he was forced to do.

His Covid-19 Solidarity Fund, where he and the other serviteurs du pays on his side will contribute 10% of their salaries so that they will give a month's salary in 10 months time, is a sign of how badly he reads a situation that demands true leadership.

The fact that President Baigan will offer 10% of his Rs 360,000++ monthly salary shows how these people live in a world where money means everything: 10% is not even the 15% income tax rate that we all have to pay, unlike Presidents and vice presidents and those who have retired from the chateau....

I will not bore you with details of how rich philanthropists around the world are making real contributions. Let me just give you the example of Italy, one of the worst infected countries: Giorgio Armani has given over $ 2.2 millions to hospitals in Milan and Rome. Altogether, Italy’s billionaires have given more than $45 million (about 1.8 billion rupees) in donations to hospitals, healthcare facilities and government agencies since the crisis began in February. Even the old goat, Silvio Berlusconi, has given $ 10.7 millions for the construction of a new hospital in Lombardy.

What is the situation here in Mauritius? Heard of any rich or super rich people making a little 'sacrifice' and parting with some of the huge amounts of money that they have in order to benefit the poor specially?

Keep looking. The only thing rich businesses are interested in is to persuade the politicians in their pockets to give them billions of rupees of taxpayers money. It is really quite amazing how people who have amassed billions find it so difficult to give away a few millions to a fund that will help the poor to feed themselves.

Seen how many billions of rupees of profits our banks have been extorting from us through interest rates that are immorally high and charges for services that are free in more civilised countries? Good Lord! They even charge you when you give them foreign currency for them to invest and make more profits! They charge you for almost every transaction that you make, simply because they belong to a closed shop, a mafia like institution that has bought politicians so that more of our money can end up in their pockets.

No politician will put forward a proposal that the banks have had it too good for too long and that it is now time for a wealth tax on them. This is not a revolutionary 'socialist' proposal. It is exactly the policy that Gordon Brown undertook as Chancellor of the Exchequer in Tony Blair's first government in 1997. Billions of pounds sterling were raised that way and guess what? The banks are still thriving!

We can only applaud the many decent citizens who have taken it upon themselves to feed the poor voluntarily. Pride of place has to again go to some members of the Muslim community who are preparing and cooking food for the poor and the homeless.

We give over Rs 100 millions to so called socio cultural organisations every year, and God knows what they do with all that money.

I certainly have not seen members from other communities as active as the Muslim ones in our poor areas. And yet the Catholic Church is a very rich organisation, the Missionaires receive a lot of foreign donations and still take 10% of the monthly salary of their followers, the Hindu organisations certainly do not look poor (they have enough money to buy the most stupid curtains to drape over the politicians' shoulders...)....Why aren't they out in the community, helping the poor? Like they do when they con these people into voting for their favourite thieving politicians...

I just cannot understand how a billionaire, and there are quite a few of all religions and races in Mauritius, will miss a few millions of rupees that would help to alleviate the current hunger and distress of many of our poor citizens.

 Are they that disgustingly selfish?

Vendredi 27 Mars 2020

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