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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 20 Novembre 2018

Prometheus' warning in Longfellow's poem, " The Mask of Pandora" is, I am afraid, coming true for this government: " WHOM THE GODS WOULD DESTROY, THEY FIRST MAKE MAD."

I have been warning them since May 2015 that not all insanity can be treated at Brown Sequard. The insanity that evolves from drab personalities with huge egos and seemingly nothing between the ears can only be cured if there is a degree of self awareness in these people. And you are more likely to find even an infinitesimal degree of self awareness in them than hearing Etienne Sinatanbou ever saying anything that does not make you want to vomit your guts out.

I have never been able to understand this: as soon as any government is elected, all minsters have a police escort at all times and a police guard trying hard not to yawn in front of the minister's house 24 hours a day. It is for their 'security', you see...And when Lepep kicks them out at a general election, the police guard and the police escort vanish straightaway.

How come after losing an election they all feel safe, as if by magic?

You know why? because these bastards have it ingrained in their DNA that their massive egos need everything at our expense. Look at Berenger. He has had a police bodyguard + mandatory limousine for the centuries he has been the Leader of the opposition. Why? As for Cassam Uteem? Haha! He and all the parasites, sorry ex Presidents and ex Vice Presidents, are entitled to a chauffeur driven limousine and a police guard FOR LIFE!!!!

Why? Who is going to assault them? More to the point, before you assault anyone if you are that way minded, you have to be able to identify the idiot whose chin you want your fist to become acquainted with. How many people can even identify people like Offman, Raouf Bundhun, that last VP (whose name escapes me fortunately for all the good she did), never mind assaulting them? And yet you will hear and see the arse lickers hovering around them like flies over a big turd...

I once saw Motee Ramdass, ex minister of Arts in the 2000-2005 MMM/MSM government, at la foire Quatre Bornes, on his own buying some vegetables and trying to get the best bargains..I asked him" Bez sa! Nepli ena la police bodyguard pou fer to shopping aster?" Fair play to him, he laughed with a 'bez ar toi! to kontan sikane dimoune toi! "

But I bet you that should he become a minister again, then like the other ministers, he too will use our police force for dropping their kids/grand kids at school, doing their shopping etc.
And Super Mario would as usual be polishing his buttons( No! You dirty minds! that is not a euphemism for solitary activities, ok?) and say 'bizin fer ene lenket lor sa"...and then, nothing, as usual.

Remember how El Presidente was 'meurtrie et blessée' because, for once, Anil gayan said something sensible about the distaste caused by her accepting so many freebies from foreign countries?

All those travels to all corners of the globe and she is meurtrie et blessée!

All that money that she takes from us, tax free of course, and supplemented by much, much more in per diem (again tax free...) and she is meurtrie et blessée...

All those police officers who ought to be on our streets protecting us instead of being with her whenever she steps into her limousine, and she is meurtrie et blessée...

I tell you who are really meurtrie et blessée! The tens of thousands of our citizens who have to make do with a month's salary that she gets for only a few hours putting her make up on...the tens of thousands of mothers who feel hurt that they simply do not have enough money for some decent food for their children. The thousands of victims of crime who feel helpless when faced with a corrupt criminal justice system that knows only  two gears when dealing with their cases: reverse or point mort.

These people just don't want to can people continue to make the same mistakes year in year out without understanding the anger that their self indulgence with our money creates?

They can't be that stupid, greedy, and selfish, surely? Remember the slogans of L'Alliance Lepep at the last elections?

1/ Nou pou aret gaspiyaz!
2/ Missions bidons pou areter!
3/ No more dick heads on the boards of our parastatals!
4/ Inzerance dan la force policiere pou areter!
5/ Nou pou vote a Freedom of Information Act. Pou ena transparence dan sa pays la!
6/ Assizer/bez cass/ manzer boir/ majakaro pou areter!
7/ Per diem a gogo pou areter!
8/ MBC pou vine ene bijou national!
9/ dilo 24 lor 24!
10/ Sa zafer parlman en conzer tou le tan pou bizin areter!
11/ Nou pou aret fer discours politik dan fete relizier!
12/ Metro nou pa le! Gaspiyaz sa!
13/ Speed cameras nou pa le!
14/ Nomines politiks pa pou gagne plis ki Rs 70,000 par moi!
etc etc.
15/ Nou pou aret nation zougadere! Li Shim must be pissing himself laughing now that ena 2 tiraz lottri par semaine etc etc...

And many more Fake promises...

And now, every time people see the PM and Lady Macbeth look smug and arrogant when ensconced in the back seat of the BMW Li which cost us the best part of Rs 35 millions, they (unless if you happen to be a soucerre) will mutter, " Guet li dan so BMW, LKSM la". Maybe the monstrosity "blindée avec des vitres anti-balles" prevents them from hearing the right message from the people...

You don't need a fake pandit in India to tell you that the die is cast for this government. Mauritians are generous people who will forgive incompetence and even stupidity. What they will not accept is the sight of arrogant arseholes repeatedly dipping their grubby hands in the pocket of the taxpayers and spitting at them whilst robbing them. 
And there have been far too many arrogant, incompetent, and stupid arseholes in this government.

Mardi 20 Novembre 2018

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