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What is wrong with Shakeel Mohamed and Aadil Ameer Meeah?

Why has one, all of a sudden, brought up the tragedies of the Rohingyas, Palestinians, and rather incongruously, the Kashmiri Muslims whilst conveniently ignoring the plight of the hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits who were murdered or forced to leave their homeland?

Did Shakeel Mohamed also suffer from selective amnesia when he forgot to mention the massacre of the Yemenis by the Saudis? Are they the wrong "Muslims", or is it simply because he feels he cannot afford to condemn the Saudis in a constituency that is largely Muslim? What about the Yazidis, enslaved, murdered, and raped by ISIS? Need some sanatogen, Shakeel? So, a bit of India bashing is fine, Shakeel?

I don't really care about his obsessions with a class of people he identifies with in terms of religion, culture, and custom. That is his business. But he is a politician and, whether he likes it or not, his Ptr party is competing with the ti cretin's mob and, to a lesser extent, the MMM for the votes of Hindus as the bedrock of their support. That is a fact of life. And no politician, certainly not an experienced one, should ever go for the cheap vote for himself, and not bothering with the effect of his words on the rest of the party he wants to lead in the future.

I am one of the very few people who highlighted the plight of the Rohingyas when the massacres and forced expulsions started. I do not recall ANY politician from ANY party raising this humanitarian issue and protesting against the barbarity of it all when the carnage started. There are over 1 million Uighur Muslims who have been imprisoned in 'reeducation' camps in China and forced to abandon their religion, and the repression is non stop.

Have you heard Shakeel Mohamed or any of the self appointed defenders of the Muslim community murmur even a word of protest about their plight? Are they the 'wrong' type of Muslims, whose terrible fate will not register with the sensitivity of the electorate he wants to woo? How much longer will he continue with his stupidity over India, when he knows very well that a PTR government (same as a MSM or MMM government) will have no choice but to deal with India as a friendly country for all sorts of reasons?

Aadil Ameer Meea also badly needs a healthy mugful of Sanatogen. Why is he bringing that group of oiks and intellectual peasants, the VoH, into the equation? If he really wants to make an issue of this and has 'la main prop', as his party keeps telling us, will he also, in the spirit of balance and fair play, also mention those wonderful Muslim extremists who sympathise with the angels from ISIS, and who want us all to dress all in black (or white), provided only your face is visible? What the fuck has the VoH got to do with his electoral campaign? Why pick at a scab of a dirty old wound when it no longer even provokes a little scratch?

Perhaps Aadil Ameer Meea ought to revisit the history pages and understand how the VoH were the darlings of the MMM during 2000-2005, when Berenger often shared some ladoos and dite chaud with those idiots. That was the last time the MMM was in government, in case he needs reminding....People in glass houses, eh Aadil....

The electoral campaign has been quite crap so far, with fanciful promises of "GRATIS" being bandied by all the parties, and not one of those fuckers having the decency to tell us where the money is going to come from in a country that is nearly bankrupt. That is bad and reprehensible enough.

But to now try to rekindle some sort of strife between Hindus and Muslims is simply unforgivable. You want cheap votes? Keep telling Lepep Kouyon the lies they love to hear: tell them when your party wins power, TOU POU GRATIS! Believe me, there are enough zombies and idiots who would believe this sort of nonsense too.

But for fuck sake, leave religion or anything even remotely smelling of religion out of it! We have enough problems already. Do not add one more to it, especially not one which likely to be intractable and hard to resolve...

In other words, show some responsibility and go easy on the temptation to go for cheap votes. You both can win without having recourse to tactics that smack of pure hypocrisy, and in the context those speeches were made, of rabid fanaticism.

Jeudi 24 Octobre 2019

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