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Dawood Rawat has at last decided to come out of enforced hibernation and to tell the world, in his own words, the truth about how some evil bastards and psychopaths destroyed everything he worked for over 50 years, and who then either stole all his assets or sold them cheaply to the goons who usually surround these vile individuals.

He will make a series of short videos in order to explain in detail, step by step, how the greatest criminal conspiracy in our history was allowed to destroy the lives of thousands of people, with the tacit approval of so called serviteurs du pays and the active participation of mercenary zourlanus and a 'free and independent' press that knows its 'independence' is regulated and dictated by the very rich and the powerful on this island.

It is axiomatic that the only person to have responded, and that also in the "pa moi sa, li sa" style that has become second nature to him, is the big buffoon who in a desperate attempt to ingratiate himself with la cuisine and esp with SAJ, took over the wild beast unleashed by Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, and enthusiastically became the public figure in charge of the demolition and destruction of BAI/Bramer.

Wherever you went in 2015, you could not avoid that fat, over smug face on every corner of the island and on every, specially prolonged "news' programme of the MBC. He was the spokesperson of that destructive, vindictive machine known as our government, and he wasted no opportunity to shout "Ponzi", when the rest of us had started to realise that this was no ponzi at all but the crime of the century committed by a gang of thieves and criminals against many of our citizens.

And now, since his resignation from the government and the severe thrashing the electorate of Belle Rose/Quatre Bornes gave him despite all his lies, he is trying to tell us that we should see him as a virgin whose well used orifice during his short time in politics was designed to camouflage the saintliness of the man....

According to Roshi Bhadain, he is the only one who tells the truth (even when he is lying, which is every other sentence..) and that anyone who points out his nasty actions must be lying.

I won't go into details about all the fracas that this idiot has caused us, as I have already written at length about him, his erstwhile shadow YerriGroDoudou the gambler's friend, kissing the hand of Pravin Jugnauth in a sickening display of toadying and sycophancy, his grandiose expectations of being minister of finance after 2 years of destruction and havoc in government, the huge number of friends, traitors, neighbours, even his old father being nominated at vast expense to us, the flight of the ego when he decided that someone as intelligent and charismatic as him deserved a full police escort every time he shifted his fat junior ministerial arse from one place to the next, his involvement with Stree where the PAC has just reported the vanishing act of a Rs 48 milions cheque of our money, his involvement in the sale of Bramer Bank for a lot less billions than we should have received, etc etc.

All of this leads us to ask one simple question: How can he, as an unemployed politician, afford such expensive decorations and halls, etc for his meetings? Of course, he will tell us that his zombies contribute and he works full time as zavoka/accuntant, and that this has nothing to do with the tons of money that our politicians magically make for themselves when they are servi nou pays...

My final words before I go on to the next topic: Compare and contrast the two videos, of Dawood Rawat and Roshi Badhain. One shows a gentleman who has lost everything but still talking and behaving like a gentleman. The other shows an oaf throwing wild accusations (Kevin Gokulsing and Swadeck Taher ought to seriously consider legal action about these...) and behaving like the thug he has always been.

Finally, ask yourselves this question: On 6th March 2015, Rama Valayden gave an affidavit sworn by Simo Carevic, CEO of the MDFP and Thomas Galet, both representatives of Dufry, to the CCID and described it as " «éléments très dérangeants pour le pays». Nearly five years later, none of the people mentioned, including Roshi Badhain who took a leading role as usual, have been asked by the CCID for their version. Remember, Bhadain was Minister of Good Governance at the time, and that perhaps might explain why we keep being governed by a bunch of ruffians despite every change of government...

My copy of the affidavit is rather old and wrinkled, hence the poor quality and the font errors, etc. But it is an exact copy of what was sworn in court and which to this day has seen no action at all from anyone. Read it and ask yourselves: Can you trust the word of any of those characters?

If I were you, and they tell you it is raining, check that they are not standing on top of you and pissing on you....

Mercredi 25 Septembre 2019

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