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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 11 Juin 2019

The most charitable and peculiarly appropriate thing I can say about this government is this: Ene gouvernman renpli ar graines in baisse prix graines.

Of all the things he could have chosen for exemption of VAT, this graine of a Prime Minister has decided to reduce the price of grains de lin, de l’applam, les graines de moutard, des graines de sésame, sagoo, et toukmaria.
In his Alice in Wonderland world where Lady Macbeth plays to perfection the despotic Red Queen's role, and darling Sherry, ex air hostess Ken, batter batri Rude Boy, Tekwa Manraj, and a few other prized idiots compete for the role of Mad Hatter, he proclaims loudly that our inflation rate will be a mere 1.5% next year.

Thousands of our citizens living in the real world know that the official figures lie, because they can no longer afford to buy meat, and a small island surrounded by a bountiful sea sells fish at prices that many can only dream of buying. Most of our food is imported and all the institutions designed to ensure competition and fair trade and prices p assizer gratte graines.

The seesawing of the prices of vegetables means that even the most basic food are often beyond the reach of so many of our citizens. But, eh! Prix graines in baisser, b manz graines alor!

We do have the leaders that we deserve. A lepep kouyon might be tempted to vote again for these graines because a few crumbs have been thrown their way. Not many will ask the most obvious question: KOT LARZAN LA P SORTI POU TOU SA DEPENSES LA?

And the unambiguous answer is: depi poches lepep kouyon et dettes ki pou pran lor ou nom pou tou sa ban kado enpoizoner la. But Lepep Kouyon will instead say "gouvernman in donner, Pravin in donner, To meme nou mari", and might be tempted to vote to again make this cretinous little man their PM.

I don't intend to go through all the 'freebies' and quite stupid measures in what is referred to as the budget ,but which is really an intrinsic part of the propaganda blitz for the next elections, regardless of the consequences for an economy in its death throes.

These people who love to call themselves 'patriots' have no morals at all, and the only thing that matters to them is the chance to be reelected in order to satisfy their primary desire of indulging and satiating their unquenchable thirst for more money, a bigger loot, and deeper hands into our pockets.

Bear in mind that we already owe over Rs 310 billions; that our trade deficit is around Rs 10 billions every month, that we fork out billions of rupees in interest payments for those debts, and the more we keep borrowing in this mad, suicidal "gouvernman pou donner" nonsense, the more we will have to reimburse...which inevitably means less money for our essential services, which means more debts to meet the shortfall, which means more interest repayments, which means more debts...that is the vicious, suicidal cycle this government of idiots and graines has put all of us in since 2014.

Some measures make absolutely no sense at all .When many people cannot afford to buy food, live in a decent home, pay their electricity and water bills, Chief Graine will provide free internet for 11,000 homes. I suppose they can watch Pornhub on their non existent laptops when eating graines...

We have already wasted hundreds of millions of rupees on tablets for school kids, with tens of millions of rupees stolen by private contractors because no tablets were ever purchased. The stupidity of giving more tablets was shown when the professional taper la tab did not applaud and the PM had to remind them that ene mari bon zafer sa...

Rs 50 millions for " la réinstallation des Chagossiens"...Where? Trump is going to lay down the red carpet?

The UK has its own oil industry and petrol is around Rs 55 a litre there. Here, we import everything, mai bizin reduire prix la! As if that was not enough, our deification of motor vehicles means that we continue with the obscenity of "duty free" cars, an abomination in fiscal and environmental terms.

Which reminds me: Do you really believe that car owners who love their cars far more than anything else in this world will park them and take the tramway instead? Perhaps in the first week only with the novelty factor...and then, it will be "Mo loto sa! Mo in payer pou sa!" And the traffic jams will become part of our landscape again... Another financial disaster on the horizon, folks!

As for the PRB being due in 2021 but Chief Graine deciding that our hard working, ever so polite and charming civil servants all deserve Rs 1000 extra every month, what can one say? Would he run his own la cuisine like this? If he tries to, Lady Macbeth pou bez li ene cou belna lor la tete!

The more I think about this so called budget, the more I believe this was written on the back of a cigarette packet, with ludicrous suggestions by idiotic advisers receiving a toothy grin of approval followed by an evidaman and a bien sure.

It is a scraping the barrel budget, a sop to the instinctive greed of a Lepep Kouyon brought up on a mantra of "gouvernman bizin donner", and fuck the consequences for an economy that has been in the intensive care unit for far too long.

It is, I am afraid, the desperate effort and gamble of someone facing his most horrific nightmare: the return of Navin Ramgoolam as PM, where the master of batter rande pa fer dimal and vindictiveness will do to the Jugs what they have failed to do to him: finish off the enemy for good.

That scenario of graines being crushed, if nothing else, is something to look forward to....

Mardi 11 Juin 2019

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