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" The whole country is one vast insane asylum and they're letting the worst patients run the place."--Robert W. Welch, Jr.

Yes, that is what elections in our so called democracy do: give incredible power to the party which obtains the most seats, even if the majority of the population voted against it.

The votes of 8 or 9 thousand electors in Constituency 3, for example, have the same power and importance as the votes of over 20,000 electors in constituencies 5 or 14: they all benefit from the same number of seats.

And any party that wins more than half the number of seats, i.e. anything above the magic number 35, and the world becomes the oyster for the electoral 'winners' to do as they wish in our so called democracy. So, instead of politicians wanting to balier karo (incidentally, an occupation that is more than suitable for the vast majority of them...) or 3-0 partou, the clever ones will concentrate on reaching the magic figure of 36 instead. 

Far from being the ti cretin that his opponents like to say he is, Pravind Jugnauth did precisely that at the last elections, and by hook or mostly crook, he got the elusive prize.

So, who is the real cretin, eh Missier Ramgoolam, Berenger, and others, who once again aimed foolishly and over ambitiously for the 60-0---- which in any event, history has shown that they they did not do anything particularly worthwhile to change our society despite their overwhelming majority...

Having become Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth then did what his father before him did, although not to the extent that the son is now in the process of completing:

take over all our public institutions by nominating some quite ludicrous cartoon characters to 'run' them, i.e. 'manage' them strictly according to the mantra of the Sun Trust, which is to amass as much money as possible for the Emperor and his cherished la cuisine.

You can go through any list of nominees in our parastatal orgs, and if you manage to find one decent or half intelligent person of any integrity amongst those nominees, you will deserve the Nobel Prize for ingenuity and inventiveness whilst being completely blind, deaf, and dumb. 

Does Pravind Jugnauth and his zombies care that most of us hate those nominees? Not at all.

To put it crudely, they just do not give a fuck, because they have only one thing in mind whilst counting the freshly laundered notes: how to win 36 seats at the next elections, so that the jamboree can continue for another five years. 

The way things are going, do not write off his chances, because we all know that a Lepep vreman kouyon might give him that majority again, especially with an opposition so inept that it makes the half brained nominees look like geniuses. Berenger has over the last month mastered the intricacies of switching a video camera on, and that seems to be his only sign of activity, as he remains resolutely silent in the National silent that he won't even make public what exactly the Speaker was up to in 2003 in Egypt when Prime Minister Berenger had to swiftly recall him back to Mauritius.

No wonder the loud speaker shows pleasure nearing an orgasm when he tells the mustachioed one " I order you out!". As for Arvind Boolell in the National Assembly, I am afraid I have seen more life in a funeral parlour; he has been a terrible disappointment. 

So, our wonderful democracy now has allowed Pravind Jugnauth to score at will in the National Assembly, and often using foul means. He decides everything: when the National Assembly will sit again (not on a Tuesday because of those questions...), how long a bill will need to be debated before it becomes law, when he wants to visit his second home, the MBC, for those tedious video recordings, when for a laugh he summons the Marionette to the PMO with a stern voice and making the latter shit himself that his monthly contract as useless police commissioner might not be renewed, when he needs to throw a bone at those socio cultural dogs to keep them loyal and faithful, when he tells them to bark a la dulthamum et Gregoire, etc.

Yes, he controls everything in our 'democracy', but don't you dare call him a dictator! Because that would be "Fake News", his favourite bullet these days....

He is surrounded by zombies in the cabinet who compete with each other to show they love the Emperor more than the idiot sat next to them, the PPS keep sucking and licking but because they are even more stupid and useless than most of the ministers, their chances of promotion are nil...but the emperor keeps nourishing their naive hope that soon they too will be in the cabinet.

His Deputy Prime Minister, the permanently asleep Ivan? He is as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition who mistakes the laugh of the crowd as approval for his mastery in that particular exercise..

So, when you are the master of all that you survey, and the opposition is too stupid to do anything worthwhile to oppose him, what do you do? You do what you want and you behave like a spoilt child let loose in a sweet shop. You appoint your friends and relatives as heads of all the institutions because you know they will never dare to, or are too stupid to oppose any of your orders. 

What has happened to the Bank of Mauritius is worse than a scandal; it is a crime against the people.

He has appointed some real dildos to head it, i.e. to do exactly what he and his Deputy Fuhrer Padaleksi orders them to do. So, Rs 60 billions will be borrowed in order to keep some very rich people happy, and there is also some $ 2 billions in foreign exchange ( Rs over 80 billions...) lying around. A lapsed Marxist, now confirmed capitalist with a large appetite for easy cash, Lord Meghnad Desai, will run the completely unaccountable body that will dish out those goodies to friends and benefactors...

All of this is of course done 'following the procedures'. The cartoon characters at the BoM have been well trained to say 'yes' to the emperor. We won't mention Harvesh the Governor here, as he really is not worth the effort. But his Deputy Governor is called Mardayah (pou ena boukou mardaye, marker garder!) Kona Yerukunondu.

Now, any similarity between him and the cartoon character Porky Pig is entirely coincidental, but you get my meaning about the cartoon characters who have been nominated to carry out the wishes of Emperor Pravind....

Samedi 30 Mai 2020

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