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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 23 Août 2019

Yes folks, the autofuckers have been in full active mode since the 11th December 2014 when we formally elected a new government. Not a day goes by without the revolting spectacle of seeing any politician reconfirm what has been validated since independence: that many if not most of our politicians have made the transition from being plain wankers to mature autofuckers an incredibly smooth one, and have now perfected the art of royally fucking themselves up every time they open their mouths.

The examples of such exercises in self pleasure graduating into self fornication of the worst kind are just too numerous to mention. Suffice to mention just a few from each of the miserable characters who have blotted our political landscape for far too long, and who continue to make some of us believe that an all powerful, omnipresent God simply cannot exist if He can callously inflict such a bunch of mercenary, miserable, utterly incompetent, dangerous, thieving bastards on the rest of us.

Let us start with the ex KGB chief, our Badinovsky, the man who believes that intelligence and savoir faire are qualities that only he possesses, and who allowed this terrible delusion to make him use the powers of office that we had entrusted him with in order to show a level of vindictiveness and childish, petty point scoring on a level hitherto unimaginable even in our corrupt society.

Even before the election results had been declared, Missier KGB had already decided that the man he perceived to be Ramgoolam's main financier ( completely false, btw, because Dawood Rawat gave many millions of rupees to both the MSM and the MMM for the 2014 elections...and none to Ramgoolam!) had to be destroyed in every way possible. He recruited some rats from BAI/Bramer and you know the rest...

Except that we have not seen the rest yet. The more I read about the absolute carnage and the incredible incompetence and large level nepotism, theft, and corruption involved in the demolition of BAI/Bramer, the more I am convinced that a real Commission of Inquiry, i.e. not one chaired by a Mauritian Judge, will insist that all those who have stolen/bought at bargain basement prices the assets of BAI/Bramer will have to return them to their rightful owners, hopefully with interest.. And the autofuckers responsible for this insane destruction of truly Brobdingnagian proportion will this time be thrown into jail for many years....instead of being left to enjoy their filthy lucre, and to continue to servi nou pays in another has happened to every thief in the political class so far.

Badinovsky has now become a spoilt child whose favourite toy has been removed from him. And there is no alibi more vomit inducing than the one he has been shameless profferring since resigning from the government: PA MOI SA, LI SA!

He once complaining that confidential material about Heritage City had been accessed by Gerard Sanspeur, without once asking himself these basic questions: Who obtained confidential, unauthorised information from the rats in BAI/Bramer even before the elections had been won? Who obtained confidential, unauthorised information about Wilkinson's weird predilection for Gold and his sickening obsession with getting richer, despite giving Croesus a severe inferiority complex when he was last finance minister?

Badinovsky's complaint about unauthorised access and disclosure of confidential information is reminiscent of the creole expression 'la mare p mok la bou'....

It reminds me of the truly unfortunate occasions when you visit in desperation a public toilet only to be greeted with a huge turd, and you walk out, shaking your head thinking" how could anyone drop something that big without having an epidural first?'...In other words, you visit a public toilet and you know what you will see and smell in there. Same for most of our politicians: as soon as they open their mouths, you know they will either talk shit...or eat food for free in our luxury hotels.

But let me get back to the demolition job on BAI/Bramer. All the existing properties were being sold by a company called Pioneer Property Holdings...yes, I too had never heard of this company before. The prices are unlisted, so you can draw your own conclusions.... and then you can form the irresistible image in your mind about vultures feeding off a carrion...Accuntant Ramtoolah in charge of all of this is really akin to leaving a bottle of whisky on an alcoholic's table and hoping that he would drink tap water instead..

Who are the other autofuckers? Gorgeous Brylcreem Boy Nando of course.

The poor man naturally had nothing to do with the fact that his zavoka brother in law had been appointed to so many parastatal orgs. These things happen providentially in Paradise Island, you see...He, like SAJ, claimed that he was shocked when he learned of the Rs 19 millions for 8 weeks' 'work' on a case that had not even been completed yet..

Let me tell him something that will really 'shock' him: does he know(he asks naively...) of this zavoka who has loads of bois de rose furniture and flooring at his luxury bungalow in Flic en Flac? As you know, exportation of that rare wood from Madagascar was stopped completely in 2010 and there is an international embargo in place...

We have had the woman with the palm tree on her head as an example of original coiffure; we have had Raj Dayal fucking himself up with Holi powders; some woman who used to think Ramgoolam was God and who now loves those dildo shaped things called banbara, and who pretends to be annoyed when someone frotte la zou, only AFTER the cameras had shown what had happened and how people were mocking her; Scrunchy Gayan proving to us almost every week that everything has a limit except his stupidity and arrogance; the Ayatollah never failing to show us how dangerous it is to leave a monkey in charge of a banana plantation; Thierry Henry fucking himself up with alcohol, had an accident which killed someone and still an Honourable member; Wilkinson no longer repeating 'parole donnee parole sacree, but he still has a face that would compel even a saint to slap him; Baboo living up to his surname and making us bemoan the fact that he would have been better and more appropriately named as Chokra; an attorney general who would have done well to show us sometimes that his I.Q. score exceeded the number of vowels in his surname...; He of course has been replaced by someone with a wrinkled pussy face, who would if, in a crowd of people, hear someone shout " La guele sousoute" would immediately recognise his own face....the minister of sports who thinks that statesmanship comes from permanently showing his lamoresse zoranz in public. He is so stupid that he does not realise that Pravin Jugnauth's love affair with a pair of scissors will one day compel him to cut the stupid ribbon he likes putting on his stupid hair... the Minister for Agriculture who acts like the spokesperson and defender of the rich landowners to the detriment of the small planters; Ivan the Terriboule who continues to mesmerise us with his sleeping patterns and his belief that politics to him is simply the mastery of talking shit and nothing else...

In the background, there is a small army of backbenchers and idiotic transfuges who are still befuddled that a gullible electorate could have voted them into power.

And at the top of the tree are father and son: a father who has left his better days well behind and who is now a poor shadow of his former self; a PM of the old days who would simply not have tolerated the incredible cacophony of disparate noises from loud, thick members of his cabinet, and who would have kicked out Wilko when the gold scandal broke out; and who most certainly would have kicked Badinovsky out, instead of treating him with kid gloves. which only served to reinforce the KGB's chief's delusion that li vreman ene gran mari. SAJ's current predicament is quite tragic: from the hard man of politics to a wobbly old man unsure of what to do. From Rambo to a pisser who lives up to the title of Ministre Menteur and tells lies non stop....

What about the son?

Pravin Jugnauth is the leader of the largest party in the government, the MSM, and therefore remains the only PM in our history who has never become PM by popular mandate, but simply by the votes of about 50 little oiks in parliament.. He certainly has not inherited the koupe le doi method of ruling of his father, and instead has perfected the art of koupe riban. He is a castrated PM with none of the authority to impose any discipline on the autofuckers in his government, idiots like E.T., the diluil coco freak Sesungkur, Sexpire, Banbara, etc, and the various nincompoops masquerading as his advisers and senior advisers.

It is really quite incredible how the arch exponent of autofucking, Ramgoolam, now sees those who replaced him adopting exactly the same tactics that brought about his downfall. In fact, this current mob has excelled in autofuckery and have now surpassed by a long distance his record in how to really fuck oneself up.
Which raises the obvious question: why is autofucking the preferred hobby of idiots who think they are clever but who invariably act smart and then end up fucking themselves up?

Vendredi 23 Août 2019

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