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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 18 Octobre 2019

As some Mauritians like to say when they want to impress people with their poor command of the French language, " Il y a vreman du bez dans sa ggt pays la!"...or " mais quel gurrgutri sa, buunuum??

I have never known an electoral campaign where all the leaders of the main parties know that their political careers are finished should they lose or not score honourably in the forthcoming elections. And yet, only one of them is running for dear life and really working like a Trojan to try to fool enough people to vote for him.

That person is Pravind Jugnauth and, despite my absolute hatred for everything that he, la cuisine, and his soucerres stand for, I have to commend him for fighting these elections as if he really wants to win them.

After all, that is what politicians try to do: win elections and obtain power. And, so far, I have to say that he is miles ahead in terms of campaigning activity.

Berenger still believes in the power of a plush hotel conference room as the ideal setting where, Moses like, he sets forth the Ten Commandments, week after boring week, and the setting and dialogue hardly ever changes despite the passage of time....

We are in full electoral campaign mode, but the endless Bureau Politique meetings continue with the same frequency, and hardly any attention seems to be given to the absolute need to take the message to the people. Hardly any public meetings, hardly any sight of the Great Leader amongst the public that once adored him over many, many years.

But there are two massive plus points in the MMM's campaign:

1/ the wonderful refusal to play the game of the two spoilt brats on the other side, and refusing to be 'caught' on video (whilst obviously posing for the camera...) playing with his dog, or whatever hairy creature happens to be near the stroking hand...

2/ The resuscitation of a dead and buried MMM Facebook page into something that is showing some appreciable signs of life. But the factor I have enjoyed most during this campaign is the truly pitiable sight of the MMM traitors begging for some attention from their new God, le petit cretin, and receiving next to nothing. T

he icing on the cake will be presented to us when on the 8th November, we see unprincipled, selfish bastards like Obeedooobeeedooo, Kariver Ramano? saute barriere?, and some nonentities receive the drubbing they truly deserve. That indeed will be poetic justice.

Pravin Jugnauth is doing what he does best: he is still the little spoilt brat, still surrounded by a few snobs and arrivistes who want to be seen next to SAJ's son on the schoolyard, and still going behind the school toilets in the most pointless competition ever invented by man: measuring one's dick against those of your rivals.

In practice, this has now been translated into " Moi ki konne zourer plis! Moi ki mari dan insilter dimounes! Lor koz menti, moi ki le roi menteur!Si ena pou servi langaz latrine en piblik, moi ki pou fer li! Meme si mo PM! Parski moi ki mari! Ban seki koz kont moi, zot pou koner! Mo ban tapeurs NSS et ban soucerres pou montrer zot!"

Yes, the electoral campaign has now joined the sewer inhabited by the MBC, the crap papers and radios of Lee Shim and Gohin, and the many mercenary zourlanus in our 'free and independent' press, who remain the faithful purveyors of Pravin's sewerage. It can only sink lower, folks! Pravin knows this is the end if he loses these elections, and you have to appreciate the way he is fighting hard for his own survival. By any means possible...

What about Navin Ramgoolam? All the opposition parties started with a substantial disadvantage when Pravind called the elections without warning. But they rapidly clawed their way back into contention, and the PTr certainly scored a massive psychological boost with its large attendance at its meeting in Flacq.

But what has happened since? Who is the fucking idiot who has convinced Ramgoolam that he is some film star whose debonair looks must be kept for posterity on video, esp with professional lighting, beautiful suits, tie, hair (what's left of it..) well combed back, new glasses, and with a smile that suggests either he is suppressing what seemed sure to be a rather loud fart, or perhaps the last di pain frire did not go down too well? What the fuck is going on??

Instead of combing up and down every inch of this island, instead of meeting as many people as he can, instead of talking every day so that people know he is still around and is ready to fight the Jugs, instead of holding at least one big meeting every day until he has covered all 20 constituencies, what do we get instead? Silence!

Followed by another stupid video where he is copying the words of some sage, or some famous quote on his Facebook page in the same way that arseholes like Lutchmeenaraidoo, Bhadain, Sanspeur, etc used to do and Nilen Sipaki still does. Who really gives a fuck about those quotes?

People want to see you, to hear you talk, to tell them how you have changed, and to explain properly and fully what this fucking 'Rupture' is all about! Not you playing with your dog, or filming stupid, short videos that only tell us that you wear a nice suit and your comb sails smoothly through the few remaining hair on your head! Get out and about, for fuck sake!

And if you insist on continuing with those stupid tactics and you insist on sticking with your even more stupid advisers, then kiss your political career goodbye. Because there is no way that you can come back if the PTr loses an election when the outgoing government has been by far our most corrupt, brutal, thieving, and evil government in our history.

I cannot finish this post without commending the MMM and Berenger: They have been the first party to reveal the names of all their candidates, unlike the other two spoilt brats still measuring their dicks behind the school shed; the MMM is the first major party to have made public its manifesto.

I am particularly pleased that the MMM has vowed to institute a Commission of Inquiry into how the Theft of the Century was perpetrated, the day light robbery of BAI/Bramer by a bunch of unreconstructed thieves. This is despite the fact that the MMM's hands are themselves tainted with what went on prior to 2nd April 2015....But at least, it shows good intent.

I have asked Navin Ramgoolam on numerous occasions here for him to institute a Commission of Inquiry into BAI, but led by foreign judges, because we have all seen what Judge Domah has done with the "Commission of Inquiry" on the sale of Britam for peanuts. The words, 'Commission of Inquiry' and "BAI" have yet to escape that same mouth of Ramgoolam that likes to smile for his stupid videos.

If nothing else, he ought to show some gratitude for the fact that without Dawood Rawat's grandfather's financial help, SSR would never have completed his medical studies, and NR would have perhaps become a clerk somewhere.....So, at the very least, show some gratitude, man!

Again, his brainless advisers must have told him to steer clear of BAI, because he only mentions BAI when he seems to want to clench his buttocks and resist farting in public. And yet, BAI is a hugely popular topic, esp during these elections, because if there is one thing I do know about the Mauritian people, it is their absolute hatred for injustice, for gross abuse of power, and for thieving, esp on such a large scale by a government.

BAI was never and is not a "Muslim" thing! Only arseholes believe that. The staff of BAI/Bramer was the most cosmopolitan one in any of our major conglomerates, and the tens of thousands of victims of this government come from all parts of the Mauritian nation.

I am afraid Pravind Jugnauth set off as a hare on speed when he told us the elections will be on 7th November. He has kept that speed, and indeed accelerated lately, both in terms of public meetings and in the depths he has sunk when it comes to lying and insulting his opponents.

The tortoise had better get a move on sharpish...otherwise, the fable will end with the hare winning this time, simply because the tortoise was too busy trying a nice suit on, listened too much to his stupid advisers, did not do the right things, ruptured fuck all, and was far too busy believing the bullshit and flattery around him.

Vendredi 18 Octobre 2019

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