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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 11 Février 2019

" For shameful deeds are taught by shameful deeds".--- Sophocles

I often sit in a darkened room and cogitate on life's iniquities; I worry over the obscenity that allows one man to be called a thief for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his children and another one to be called a politician for stealing hundreds of millions of rupees from us.

I look with despair at decent people who have borrowed money at criminally exorbitant rates of interest and end up losing everything they own at these courts of legalised theft known as Sale by Levy, and I wonder how it can be possible for those telling us they are servi nou pei to borrow vast amounts of money and see these debts vanish overnight with the mighty stroke of their friendly bank manager's pen.  

And I look with amazement and disgust at the utter shamelessness of something called NIC in taking great pride in wearing the clothes of BAI/Bramer, which the psychopaths in government murdered in an orgy of carnage and looting.

How can anyone be so brazen as to attend the funeral of a living entity you are responsible for murdering and, worse, walk away with the clothes of the corpse and announce to the world that the new garb is part of your own wardrobe?

This is precisely what NIC is doing on its website designed for a Lepep Kouyon that exists on lurid headlines and which unquestioningly accepts what the psychopaths in government tell them as the absolute truth.

This is what NIC proclaims loudly on its website: " NIC is a leading insurance provider in Mauritius and a purpose-driven brand, built upon a heritage of more than 48 years of insurance capability and expertise in local and overseas markets, empowering its customers, people and businesses alike with its breadth of insurance products and services."

These people have the same shameless effrontery as sexual deviants who nick women's knickers from their clothes line and then wear them in order to derive whatever pleasure they think they will find in wearing women's undergarments.

NIC has become the nickers of women's knickers which they then parade in public in a vain effort to show how pretty and sexy they look. 

" A leading insurance provider": Yes, entirely based on the hard work of others at BAI/Bramer and on its lists of clients.

" A purpose-driven brand": a symbol of how the proceeds of the theft of others can be presented as your own hard work.

" built upon a heritage of more than 48 years of insurance capability and expertise in local and overseas markets": Bousser fesse do! To pa ena meme 4 ans et to p fete a birthday of more than 48 years? Kumsa to pran nou pou kouyon?

" empowering its customers, people and businesses alike with its breadth of insurance products and services.": Yes, all of it from the "Ponzi" or "Ponzi like" BAI/Bramer! 

Ena bez la! One minute, they are telling the idiots amongst us who believe everything that those in government tell us that it was a Ponzi, and the next they are extolling its 48 years' insurance capability and expertise/breadth of insurance products and services?

Remember, NIC was created out of the corpse of BAI in April 2015 by Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo and Roshi Badhain, and others. To now claim 48 years of insurance capability and expertise after its birth by forceps less than 4 years ago is really taking the piss out of all of us.

These grave robbers have far less principles and any sense of morality than those bastards who regularly desecrate the tombs of our departed Chinese citizens in search for anything to feed their drugs habit.

As someone once said, "  You cannot disgrace a disgraceful man; you cannot make a shameless man feel ashamed; you cannot make a cockroach a cockroach, because it is already a cockroach!"       

There is a special place in Hell reserved for these cockroaches, and no amount of ostentatious praying or bathing in Holy water will prevent you from reaching your final destination...

And when that happens, I will most certainly come and piss on your graves. As will, I suspect, many others.

Lundi 11 Février 2019

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