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As usual, expecting those pompous, arrogant arseholes known as 'editors' of our 'free and independent' press to express even a mild protest at the rape of our democracy and our so called etat de droit would be a sign of reckless optimism bordering on stupidity.

Those ponces, who act more like the pimps of an incredibly corrupt government than the guardians of our basic freedoms, are too busy sending their little boys and girls taking as many films/pics of the nasty individuals who have done so much to corrupt all the moral values that this island once had in abundance.

And they then have the impertinence to scream for freedom of information when they are the ones who have done everything to send to a Lepep Kouyon only the info that is made to measure to cater to their prejudices and ignorance.

I expected at least one strong editorial or article from anyone who really deserves the noble title of 'journalist', condemning the absolutely criminal outrage of publishing documents that are strictly under the control of the Police Commissioner, the Attorney General, the DPP, and not least, our courts of justice.

Not one word, not even one imbued with the synthetic and fake outrage many of those faux intellectuals are notorious for. Let me explain how incredibly serious and thoroughly illegal and contemptible is the leak of Navin Ramgoolam's banking details, for the benefit especially of the arseholes who are now in control of all our institutions.

1/ All documents legitimately obtained by the police during the course of their investigations are known as " les secrets de l'instruction''. By their very nature, they are strictly confidential, and no outsider has the right to access them and to make them public.

2/ Just think about it: Someone accuses you of something, and the way our criminal justice system is so antiquated and quite useless, you are likely to face one of its main abominations, this obscenity known as a provisional charge. This allows the police to seek court orders which can allow them access to everything that you once thought were private and confidential to you only. There is a clear, tacit understanding that this info will be used by the police in order to beef up their case against you, if necessary, and must never, ever be disclosed to the public. Unless if during the course of a subsequent trial, the Judge imposes reporting conditions...

So, you let them probe all your private stuff and it is clearly understood by both parties that should the material not be used in the case against you, then your property must be returned to you. And most certainly should never be disclosed to the public. Nobody in his/her right mind would think that this arrangement is unfair.

3/ What has happened re Navin Ramgoolam's bank statements? Forget your political affiliations, even your own feelings about Ramgoolam, or which leader you consider to be your mari or is the mari of the other leader, forget all of that. Just remember one thing: IF THE CRIMINALS IN POWER CAN DO THIS TO AN EX PRIME MINISTER, IMAGINE THE WORST THAT THEY CAN DO TO ANY ONE OF US, INCLUDING YOU!

The idiot, the sanctimonious, the pretentious, and the soucerre will here say very pompously to him/herself: " Mai mo pa fer crime moi, alor la police pa pou arete moi!". The rational, those with their feet firmly on the ground and who live the real experiences on this island and not the crap, fantasy world spun by the zourlanus, will say: "what is to stop the bastards from doing the same, if not worse, to me?"

4/ It is of course a clear breach of the Banking Act....but as usual, Marionette, his partner in crime the wrinkled pussy face Attorney General, the minister of the interior, the "Great Patriot" who is sucking up through his dentures more than Rs 1 million of our money every month for falling asleep and pissing, will do nothing. The MCB has done even worse by issuing a really crap disclaimer which hardly means anything apart from confirming that the documents are genuine!!!

Don't expect the MCB to do the decent thing and to apply to the Supreme Court for an injunction against both Marionette and the AG.

Remember, those documents belong to the MCB, and are 'on loan' to Marionette and his slaves working for the Jugs, strictly on condition that they must never be disclosed. So, MCB, a stupid disclaimer is all that you can do? Shame on you, and I hope the souls of the slaves you profited hugely from come back to haunt you!

5/ What about our Chief Justice, who was so media hungry when he took office and promised a clean sweep? Why is he so quiet? Should he not do anything if those documents are part of the court file in the final case against Ramgoolam? Isn't this a clear Contempt of the Court which he presides? Has he also become part of the problem of the institutional corruption that has ravaged all our institutions since 2014? Does he really believe that Ramgoolam now enjoys the right to a fair trial, as is his constitutional right to do so?

6/ If they are not part of the Court file, what will the DPP do about this? Is this violation of the right to privacy not serious enough for him to ask questions in public? Or is he too scared now, after the vile, numerous efforts of this corrupt government to denigrate him, his office, and his role as independent and Constitutional arbiter for prosecutions? Police cases invariably end up as DPP case papers, so can he keep quiet after this? Shouldn't he at the very least question the police commissioner and the Attorney General as primary custodians of these confidential documents?

This is a severe blow to our banking system. Never mind the marginal, quite insignificant gain that the Jugs and their little slaves will make of this. They tried it with Nandinee's quite stupid, very mercenary, and rather plump daughter's sale of her soul for Lee Shim's millions, and she ended up making us all laugh and feel disgust for her at the same time. This one is far more serious for us as a nation. WHAT SIGNAL ARE WE SENDING TO FOREIGN INVESTORS/CLIENTS?

Are we telling them that if you are not in the good books (i.e. have not bribed some minister) of a rogue government, tomorrow, they can disclose your accounts and your private business to the public? Really? When tourism, textiles, and everything else is on the decline, we can afford to frighten off foreign investors too? All for the sake of some cheap votes?

Remember, there is nothing to stop the 'independent' authorities from finding out who leaked those confidential documents. Those files can easily be traced at the CCID. All movements of police files are recorded in the police record book. But do these people care enough about our democracy to even consider an investigation in to a matter that goes to the very heart of our government?

It is pointless asking about the role of the Electoral Commissioner or that of the Electoral Supervisory Commission. They only need one more dummy to make up our own version of the Three Wise but quite Useless Monkeys, who never see, hear, or say anything.

What about Ramgoolam? Should he continue to try to turn complacency into an art form? Or should he get off his arse, grab his zavokas, and issue contempt of court proceedings against the police commissioner and the Attorney General asap?

Those two are the legal custodians of his property at Casernes, and are ultimately responsible for their confidentiality. Whilst he is at it, he ought to squirt some mazavarou up that odious Lee Shim's arse and his equally disgusting "redakter en chef" for publishing those documents.

Keeping quiet and pretending to be intelligent and calculated is simply no longer an option.

Samedi 19 Octobre 2019

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OBEY international bankers slave or perish. They own you inept cowards.

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