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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 7 Août 2019

I don't know whether Robert Mugabe said this, and even if he might not have said it, don't you think the quote at the end of this post reflects perfectly the state of Paradise Island since independence?

And how it has become much, much worse since 2014, when we can see the future of the next generation and the one after that being destroyed by huge debts incurred in our names?Debts which are then used for bribing us whilst simultaneously being siphoned into the pockets of the greedy, thieving bastards...

If you believe the official inflation figures, then you are a dickhead who needs to urgently remove that foreskin stifling your little brain. Those living on wages every month that are much less than parasites receive as 'entertainment allowance' in the same month know the real hardships of life where even basic vegetables often stretch their purchasing powers.

Production is down, as is productivity level; we are being bribed with our own money and many idiots are grateful for being willing victims of this con job....Law and order is the worst we have ever experienced with crime everywhere, drugs dealing on every street corner, and everyone is looking over their shoulders in fear of some thug with a knife. Our streets have been taken over by lawless demons who, when arrested, will then get their zavokas to release them after demanding their 'Human Rights', and their rights under an obsolete Bail Act that shows far greater concern for the rights of arseholes than for the rights of victims.

The only thing that has gone up is our national debt...and the visibly large increase in the number of soucerres infesting all segments of our society, from big headed, arrogant, hypocritical zourlanus giving such a bad name to a once noble profession, to that abominable thing called la cuisine which decides everything the government does despite never receiving even one vote from us...

As the national debt and the number of soucerres/trolls has risen, time for the government to follow the thug Mugabe's advice and to use the only thing that can stop further proliferation of that evil: use a condom!

After all, a government ki p kapoter really needs a capote, non? Because we have been badly screwed for far too long.

Here is the alleged Mugabe quote:

" Robert Mugabe Quotes. 29 May . 
Sometimes I think our African flags should be replaced by a condom, because a condom more accurately reflects our governments' current political stances. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you are actually being screwed."

Mercredi 7 Août 2019

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