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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 10 Janvier 2019

"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses."----Malcolm X.

So many crazy things happen in Mauritius that 'du zamai vu' is going to be my favourite saying from now on.

What else can I say when I see one of the most overrated zourlanus in the land follow in the footsteps of corrupt politicians who use our stupid libel laws as a means to shut people up?

Zourlanus who constantly badger us with their call for a Freedom of Information Act but who at the same time absolute hate it when they are shown to have feet of clay themselves?

Let me explain: In December 2018, Nawaz complained to the police about a post that Harish Chundunsing wrote on his Facebook page where he apparently mentioned, inter alia, these three things: (Harish Chundunsing was called to Casernes this week and was grilled by the gablous for 90 minutes...)

1/ that Nawaz Noorbux is a disgrace to journalism
2/ that he is un journaliste-eboueur'
3/ that Chundunsing called him a 'Hajee Mouftah'.

Now, you may or may not agree with Chundunsing's description of NoBuzz, esp if you happen to be a member of Lepep Kouyon who believes that the sun shines out of the arses of mediocre zourlanus who have proclaimed themselves to be media superstars.

But let us look at the three allegations which have upset NoBuzz so much that he had no problem using the repressive method of our politicians in trying to prevent publication of anything that irritates their sorry arses and pricks their huge egos.

1/ Is Nawaz NoBuzz a disgrace to journalism? The answer is self evident, or 'evidaman', to use the favourite word of Pravin Jugnauth and other politicians. He is the epitome of the class of individuals ( with a few exceptions) working in the press who I have termed as 'zourlanus': too shallow, too eager to please those in power, too subservient to religious zealots of all types, too intellectually limited to even dig below the surface, too complacently happy to swallow and then regurgitate almost everything that their favourite politicians and individuals tell them.

And far too pleased with themselves, safe in the knowledge that wannabes who are always looking for self promotion and who want a slot on their crap radio/Teleplus programmes will now profess undying love to them in the posts that they will write in response to this.

2/ Is NoBuzz a journaliste eboueur? What else can you be called when you shovel shit, day in day out, at the faces of a Lepep Kouyon eager for sensationalism and anything that gets as near as possible to the lowest common denominator?

Our realities are distorted by waves and waves of journalistic sensationalism, and hardly any proper and in depth analysis of the real problems facing this country. Lepep Kouyon has been lulled into another world where trivia and sensationalist nonsense override the absolute need for them to know how exactly they are being fucked by those who call themselves our serviteurs du pays.

3/ Is NoBuzz a Hajee Moufta? Well, a hajee is someone who has accomplished the pilgrimage. The definition is " Hajji (الحجّي) (sometimes spelled Hadji, Haji, Alhaji, Al hage, Al hag or El-Hajj) is a title which is originally given to a Muslim person who has successfully completed the Hajj to Mecca."

As NoBuzz has accomplished the pilgrimage and he is a Muslim person, what exactly is the problem,? Did he want GCSK attached to his name too for services rendered to politicians?

As for Moufta, well he did get a free ticket from the Islamic Cultural Centre via the Saudis for his pilgrimage, and as it is free, therefore it is Moufta, non? The police were proud to show Chundunsing a copy of a letter from the Islamic Cultural Centre to show that NoBuzz did get a free ticket from them...

So, are the above three allegations sufficient reason for a puffed up idiot to march to Casernes, a la Ayatollah Moufta Soodhun, and complain to the police? Eoula! Ou fesse in sitan gonfler avek ou delusions de grandeur ki ou koir ou in fini gagne ticket pou elections et ou in fini vine politicien aster la meme?

I fear the true reason for this farcical and quite sinister attempt to muzzle another card carrying member of the press is simply this: Remember the amendment to ICTA brought forward by our pussy face Attorney General which they keep telling us is not an attack on our constitutional right to freedom of expression?

Le defi described that amendment thus: "  Les amendements prévoient une peine d’emprisonnement de 10 ans pour la diffusion d’un message « which is likely to cause or cause annoyance, humiliation, inconvenience, distress or anxiety to any person ». Or, le texte de loi ne donne aucune définition à ces termes et cela peut ouvrir la voie à des abus."

Haha! And now their superstar is using it to try to hammer Harish Chundunsing!

I fear this case will be used as a test to muzzle anyone who cannot stand the bullshit of those hypocrites. I hope the real journalists will not shy away from mentioning this nonsense in their newspapers...

Because today, it is Harish Chundunsing who has been made a target by NoBuzz and a thoroughly docile, compliant, and subservient police force. Tomorrow, it might be you!

Jeudi 10 Janvier 2019

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