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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 5 Septembre 2019

The lowest form of popular culture - lack of information, misinformation, disinformation, and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people's lives - has overrun real journalism" ---Carl Bernstein

It is really quite incredible how mediocre zourlanus keep using the same toxic formula for getting a cheap reputation as often as possible.

The ingredients are a heavy dose of rather easy gibes at our usual betes noires, the socio cultural leaders who exploit religion in order to enrich themselves at our expense, whilst the zourlanus rather too conveniently ignores the biggest contradiction in his lamentable discourse: that his rag remains the vehicle of choice for any of these socio cultural oiks, from the most extremist ones to the most stupid ones (although it is often impossible to distinguish between the two...), to parade their inflammatory nonsense without any questioning from the 'intrepid zourlanus' himself!

So, today, we have had a lecture on 'sousourri', and how those pestilential nuisances are not limited to the winged, noisy, nocturnal variety only; oh no!

Our lovely zourlanus, who has made a career out of having a go at 'socio cultural orgs' and the caste system, remains the one who cannot wait to shove a micro between the arse cheeks of those individuals, and report to us the noise and flavour of each fart of those miserable individuals.

And now and again, he will then pontificate about how terrible these organisations are, in a display of sheer hypocrisy from the very same zourlanus who nourishes them with the oxygen of publicity that they crave for.

A few would have noticed that he, and the rest of our 'free and independent' press, rarely ever mention the real winners in every election: the very, very rich handful of people who control almost everything on the island, and who dictate to the politicians before each election exactly what freebies they expect to gain in the first budget of every government (irrespective of which party wins the election...), in return for 'donations' of hundreds of millions of rupees which go directly into the pockets of the leaders of our political parties. Some stupidly keep them in their coffre forts whilst others transfer them offshore at the first available opportunity, and then mock the one who kept them in his safe at home....

Our intrepid zourlanus instead wants to tell you about a little plot of land given to some fake Pandit for a beach side restaurant, or a few acres of land given to some fake, self appointed representatives of the religions on this island, or some other corrupt little deal for other 'religious' idiots.

In other words, smell the shit from the toilets, Lepep kouyon, as my hands are tied and I can never show you the real turds in the toilet who always grab the most, by far.

Look at the first budget of every government as soon as the new parties take power and you will see the pattern: if it is not a huge reduction in Capital Gains Tax which gives billions of rupees that should have instead gone into the National Treasury to that handful of super would be exemption from any duty on Land conversion which will turn our beautiful, green land into concrete for the rich, especially from abroad, and again provides the super rich with many more billions of rupees....or it would be the construction of roads, utilities connections etc at public expense to those private properties.... or any other legalised transfer of money from us to that small handful...

But, Lepep Kouyon, kifer zot bizin konne sa, zot? As they say, if you are used to a diet of shit, then you will at best think how wonderful that zourlanus is to expose the 'human' sousourris ,or at worst, ask shitty questions because you have been conditioned by our wonderful media to think only what they want you to think. And to respond in the way you have been conditioned to, and to vote for who the zourlanus has been bribed to tell you to vote for...

So, keep looking with amazement at those 'sousourris' the wonderful zourlanus has been kind enough to show you...and ignore the pterodactyls flying in and devouring what remains of the carcass of our economy, as they have been doing seemingly forever.

After all, they control almost everything in our economy, our land, our energy sector,our 'free and independent' press, and our politicians. Oh, and our banks, private health, and insurance services too, as our wonderful politicians and press helped them enormously when they got this government of thieves to destroy BAI and grab its juiciest bits.

I remain optimistic however that this time Lepep Kouyon will show those corrupt bastards that they know better than to trust the 'news' as reported by a corrupt and biased media....

Jeudi 5 Septembre 2019

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