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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 22 Juillet 2020

Yes, people, hypocrisy again reigns centre stage in our National Assembly.

A batchiara who, out of nowhere, got elected and was appointed minister, yesterday presented himself as the defender of Creoles by making racist connotations towards Berenger and his daughter Joanna.

This came after a concerted effort by the dullards in the December 2019 intake pretending to be the Grand Defenders of Hindus when we all know that the only Hindus they care to defend, protect and enrich are themselves, their families and the idiots exercising the only skill available to them, that of soucer in the hope that a few crumbs will fall in their mouths when they open their mouth long enough during their endless sessions of soucee. 

Yes, the batchiara as the defender of Creoles when he and others like him in the National Assembly kept their big, fat mouths quiet when Creoles were being evicted and forced to sleep in the cold, open air of our winter....when their traps remain shut despite seeing the sheer inhumanity of homelessness which afflicts to a large extent the same Creole community they now pretend to defend....when they continue to praise a government and suck up to a leader who has overseen the theft of billions of rupees of our money, when that money could have got rid of our homelessness problem at a stroke if it had been used for the nation instead of being stolen...

There has been a concerted effort by those dingbats on the government side to make barely veiled allusions to the pigment of the skin of Berenger and if being white is now a sin in our so called secular nation when we all know that by far, the biggest contributors of "donations politiques" to all parties remain the Grand Blancs.

Apparently, they are making a song and dance over the fact that Joanna Berenger, left on her own on the opposition benches, was the target of some nasty insults along the lines of " Papa voleur, tifi voleuse" and other highly intellectual gems of repartee like "colons", etc.

They even picked on her terribly mortal sin of being pregnant and giving birth by repeating some horribly nasty and sexist slur about " Zak dan tant", sipaki ggtri. Joanna apparently reacted by asking them to arete azir kouma zako, which in the circumstances was quite polite and a long way from my riposte which would have been along " bousse zot vilain l.k. , ban FLZMM!" 

Anyway, before the batchiara opened his fat mouth and removed any doubt that we may have had about his stupidity and ignorance, up props the little dwarf, Ivan Collendavelloo, now in the role of Kunta Kinte of "Roots' fame! Our local Kunta Kinte too seems to have a problem with the Berenger's pigmentation despite his whole political career being nurtured by the Berengers....another vivid example of the Nimak Haraam symptom that is so prevalent in our political classes.

But our local Kunta Kinte has a very, very short memory...or a highly selective one. Remember, Joanna never addressed anyone as a "Zako"; She only accused them of "azir kouma zako", which if any insult was meant, it would have been to the zako family and not to the idiots in government...

Guess who addressed our most famous Creole police officer, Hector Tuyau, in 2004, in these terms: "  ene zako kouma toi pas cone kote sorti pu vine donne l’ordre. CPE tone fail, ale aprane un peu maniere. Pa pense a cose to fine paret lor zournal tone vine ene hero. "

Hector Tuyau simply replied " Kan ou traite moi de zako, c’est ene remark raciste ki ou pe fer”.
When Berenger was asked for a comment, he replied, " Ce n’est pas acceptable et Ivan était là-bas comme avocat et non comme secrétaire du MMM. Nous ne voulons pas non plus que le public ait l’impression qu’il y a interférence politique, pression ou ‘cover-up’. Personne ne mettra son nez dans l’enquête”."

Such a pity! That would have been the ideal opportunity to get rid of the Poison Dwarf....

The Police Federation, through its President Moostoopha Anatally, reacted: " Nous déplorons les paroles dont Me Ivan Collendavelloo s’est servi et nous nous attendons à ce qu’il rectifie le tir."

The Muvman Morisien Kreol Africain (MMKA) a, de son côté, organised a 'manifestation pacifique devant la ‘Government House’ and made a statement to “condamner l’attitude raciste du secrétaire du MMM et avocat, Ivan Collendavelloo, à l’égard de l’inspecteur Tuyau".

Jugdish Lollbeeharry, of the Mauritius Labour Congress asked that " les mesures nécessaires soient prises pour assurer que l’inspecteur Tuyau et la police ne sont pas harcelés..."

There is absolutely nothing more vomit inducing than the sight of some Hindu idiots in the National Assembly pretending to be the defenders of the whole Hindu Community, when we know that they are nothing but selfish hypocrites, out for themselves and their families to become wealthier as a result of our votes. The same applies to all self declared defenders of EVERY community in our Rainbow Nation: Selfish, ambitious, greedy  bastards, out only for themselves.

We have now reached the bottom of the pit when someone like Ivan Collendavelloo is playing at being Kunta Kinte with us.

This is the same man who was stuck up the arses of rich white Afrikaners when apartheid was decimating the Black South Africans, and Nelson Mandela was still in prison. The MMM, same as all our political parties, proclaimed loud sentiments about the evils of apartheid, whilst at the same time the Secretary General of the MMM, Ivan Collendavelloo, was busy signing the passport application of Sol Kerzner, the nice chap who made an absolute fortune out of exploiting the so called Bantustans.

Ivan Collendavello is now Kunta Kinte, after accusing Hector Tuyau of " Ene zako kouma toi"? And a bachiara is now mentioning the Code Noir of Louis XIV in 1685? Why?

The agenda is quite clear: When their economic policies have failed, when the island is as close to bankruptcy as it has ever been, when the population is fed up to its back teeth with the huge amount of thieving by the serviteurs du pays, when week in week out, Pravind Jugnauth nominates yet another donkey to fuck up yet another institution....

When all of that is going wrong, the bachiaras have a last card to play:

create racial disharmony in the vain hope that the majority of Hindus will support them, and a few rupees notes and bottles of alcohol +some Kentucky will fool enough Creole voters to vote them into power again. It worked once in 2019. It will not work again. The level of disgust by the population towards them is too great this time, I am afraid.

As for our local Kunta Kinte and the bachiara, Rajesh Bhagwan is wrong: " Bachiara" is too kind a word for horrible bastards like the mercenaries currently on the government benches.

Mercredi 22 Juillet 2020

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