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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 1 Juillet 2021

" One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."---Plato

We have heard all of them repeat these slogans before every election and which miraculously vanish as soon as the Returning Officers declare the winners, and the Electoral Commissioner makes winners out of idiots who have been rejected by the electorate, and calls them " Best Losers".

All these slogans disappear before the
"winners" have even had time to place their fat arses in limousines bought with our money and run on petrol, insurance, declaration, repairs, etc paid with our money:

" Bizin Sanzman! Bizin vre Sanzman! Bizin vre vre sanzman! Maja Karo, non! Kouzin Kouzinn, non! Meritokrasi, OUI! Freedom of Information, OUI! Bizin aret Koription! Ar nou non! Voleurs pa pou saper ar nou! Si mo pa fer ferm li, mo sanz mo nom! Nepotisme, non! Nou pou met Commission D'enket! Seki mo dire, sa meme! Seki mo dire, mo pou fer! Ar moi, pena zes!"

Unfortunately, a Lepep vreman Kouyon will nevertheless vote for who shouts the slogans the loudest and, these days, who will buy most votes with a cheap bottle of rhum and a few pieces of chicken roasted to death by Mr Kentucky. Lee Ki Shim's hundreds of millions of rupees earned through generous amendments of the law by his friend le ti cretin will find their way into envelopes, as will the billions of rupees in commissions from UnSafe City, Stade cresson, Covid, any government contract really really, and Lepep Kouyon will once again be happy with a thousand rupee note whilst the thieves get ready to steal more billions of rupees in the next five years.

So, what lasts longer than a Mauritian politician's promise? Almost anything really...
Unfortunately, these odious, fake slogans have a shelf life that has no expiry date. Every electoral campaign, they are given life again, and a Lepep vreman kouyon falls for them every time. 

To end this sad state of affairs on a joke:
What lasts longer than true love?
Answer: Herpes.
Once you get Herpes, you get it for life...Once "spotted" by Herpes, it never leaves you...
A bit like our politicians' slogans really: they have the same noxious value as Herpes, but once infected, they come back with a vengeance in 5 years' time.

Jeudi 1 Juillet 2021

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