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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 18 Août 2020

1/ Everything that Bruneau Laurette said yesterday on Top fm was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

2/ What exactly were Stanford Hawk and VB Cartier doing next to Wakasho for many hours/days after it had hit our reefs? Is this how we secure our borders these days?

3/ What if the coast guards had done what they are paid to do and protect our seas by going on board the two boats which were behaving suspiciously to say the least? What if they had done what they are paid to do and searched those two strange boats?

4/ What if VB Cartier in particular was taking contraband stuff from Wakasho/ Stanford Hawk and repeatedly delivering them to the West Coast of Mauritius, esp to so called hotels de luxe, but which are often described as the centre for drugs smuggling in Mauritius?

5/ It would be impossible to believe that VB Cartier was innocently admiring our admittedly beautiful coast line in the South and West, but why do it so often and at such short intervals in such a short space of time?

6/ It would be impossible to believe that VB Cartier was delivering massala or zepices to the West Coast, non? Unless if these zepices are now crystal white and sometimes come to our shores in tractopelles....

7/ What if the Coast Guards often allow suspicious boats and ships to enter our waters and to then make unscheduled stops to places owned by very rich and very powerful people? Would that explain why despite our borders being 'closed" since March, we can now see that we have never had so many drugs on this island? Is this how "mo pou kass le rein mafia la drog"?

8/ What if our institutions are now so corrupt, and the 'patriotes'; who work in them so dirty that even pigs would shy away from them, that the obsession with making money by any means whatsoever is strangling this island to death?

9/ What if the Forensics Science Laboratory had taken the hour it usually takes to test if a substance is cocaine or not, instead of the more than a year it has taken them to still not know whether the tractopelle was full of cocaine or not? It is because the owner of the powder is a SR, owner of a controversial hotel in the West Coast of the island? In fact a hotel very close to the area that VB Cartier went to visit a few times after 'visiting' Stanford Hawk....

10/ What if many of our young people are dying from drugs overdose/murder related to hard drugs, etc because all that poison is being imported by very rich and very powerful people who somehow always escape the attention of police commissioner Marionette and his replacement, Commissioner Poupette?
11/ What if the Waikasho disaster was something that was allowed to happen because, come what may, the illegal stuff had to be taken off that ship from hell first?

All of the above is based on the logical interpretation of the satellite pictures presented by Bruneau Laurette yesterday on Top Fm. If someone has a better explanation for why those two boats were allowed to do what they did for such a long time, without the Coastguards seeing, hearing, or doing anything, I would love to hear it.

It is such a pity that Arvin Boolell chose to ignore this today for his PNQ, as did everyone else in the National Assembly. But then our politicians all love to think that they are extremely intelligent and that the only advice they care for is that from people who are as equally narrow minded and dim as them, i.e. the nincompoops who love to call themselves "advisers".

The net was wide open but he chose instead to side foot the ball to the corner flag.....

Mardi 18 Août 2020

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