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Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! The days when we felt some apprehension that a common thief is lurking in our neighbourhood are still here, but now we are far more scared about the thieves in nice, shiny suits with smiles that suggest a dildo is permanently stuck up their backsides, and who have been mercilessly murdering the economy of this island.

Words fail me to describe the sheer horror of the economic genocide that we all face now because so many so called 'respectable' people have turned out to be far worse than the common thieves on dark streets who haunt us in our nightmares.

These thieves operate in broad daylight and are often mentioned in quite flattering terms by our 'free and independent' press.

I need here to mention the sterling work of Axcel Chenney in revealing the incredible incompetence of the State Bank in giving out billions of rupees in loans, especially to foreigners, without asking for any collateral or even embarking on a basic "know your customer'" research.

f they had, they would surely not have given away so many billions to someone like BR Shetty, especially after the Financial Times had already leaked out the fraudulent accounting practices in NMH Health Care, Dubai, the company owned by Shetty.

I know it is good fun having a hefty kick at the State Bank, but never forget that the Mauritius Commercial Bank actually led the Loan syndication for NMH....despite its own experience of the near 1 billion rupees 'lent' to the fraudster Teeren Appasamy, a loan that simply could not have been approved without the active connivance of senior managers with lots of 'commissions' en ba la tab...

Axcel Chenney quotes " plusieurs sources des milieux bancaires. «According to the books the world could have crashed but BR Shetty would have survived», explique par exemple une source non officielle à la SBM Tower." This tells you that these are not bankers but wankers who enjoy pleasing themselves with other people's money...

The evidence was there for all to see that Shetty is a crook, but the MCB still issued 20,000 credit notes of 1000 dollars each, and Shetty walked away with the $20 million dollars....Don't tell me that as in the SBM scandal, not one senior member of the MCB did not receive his 'boutte' for this insane example of lending money without any surety. 

Before we start mocking Arabs for being too rich and rather stupid and reckless with their money, remember that First Abu Dhabi Bank and Al Salam Bank Bahrein both demanded and obtained at least a quarter of Shetty's NMc shares as collateral, and they sold their shares as soon as they heard that the shit was about to hit the fan. Our patriots and super intelligent wankers at SBM and MBC? They asked for nothing and gave away billions of rupees for nothing! I think they should all be given a GCSK or whatever nonsensical piece of cheap metal the macros of our politicians love to receive...

Let me remind you of what the SBM pompously refers to in its annual record of incompetence and carnage as its core value:

" Putting our customers first in everything we do; Committing to world-class standards in every area of our business; Treating our employees with integrity and respect - and expecting the very highest performance in return;  Adhering to the highest possible ethical standards; Being prudent in taking risks with shareholder and depositor funds" .

After you have had a good laugh at this brazen display of hypocrisy and nonsense, remember that all its directors are nominated by our darling Prime Ministers, as well as its CEOs. 

In this case, the buck must stop somewhere and two individuals have to shoulder the blame for this calamitous display of greed and incompetence: Pravind Jugnauth as Prime Minister who has nominated those bozos, including his relative Nayen Ballah as Chairman, and Renganaden Padaleksi who, as First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius and now Finance Minister, should have known about these looming disasters. Don't fucking tell me about the "independence" of our institutions when we all know that the grubby hands of our politicians are everywhere!

And now we are being told that " Personne n'est coupable"? and that the "SBM ne sanctionnera personne"?? Should thieves now also shout from the dock, " mo pa coupable, moi! Larzan la ti la ba et ti p fer lizier dou ar moi?" In the real world,  the Directors of the bank should be held accountable and made personally responsible and liable for the losses!

In South Africa, the Spokesperson of the Congress of the People, Dennis Bloem, has asked for legal action against the Directors of the bankrupt South African Airways in these terms: " “So sad that those who have looted SAA are roaming the streets; not a single one are behind bars for stealing millions of rands from SAA. Very painful that more than 4 000 workers must lose their jobs. All these criminals that have looted SAA must face the full might of the law.”

In Mauritius, even the opposition is merely frotte frotter around this issue instead of going hard and deep into the thieving bastards. Arvin Boolell has predictably asked for another useless "commission denket", Zaza is resting in his lovely canpman, and Berenger is still trying to master the intricacies of talking into a video camera, surrounded by what appears like bed linen but which others tell me are files...

Only Navin Ramgoolam has had the decency to ask the right questions, despite he too having made some very questionable nominations in the past. But nothing can compare to the incredible level of incompetence and greed of the nominees since 2014...Only zombies and absolute idiots will still talk about coffre fort whilst ignoring the billions of rupees that have vanished since.

You perhaps know that Azim Currimjee, a very prominent member of la cuisine, was a Director of SBM. You may wish to know that Nirvan Veerasamy ex MD of Air Mauritius, married to Shama Currimjee, cousin of Azim , has had a loan of 800 millions for his company Veling, which specialised in leasing, struck off. Kan kalchoul dan la cuisine vire sa la soupe la, extra mo dire ou...

Most of us, except the soucerres and the zombies, want to see all those who approved those loans in a court of law and if (when) found guilty of gross and negligent behaviour, they will be made to reimburse the lot from their own finances. But this won't happen in our etat de droit...

Finally, did you know that Nayen Ballah is also a director of another bijou with shit all over its face, and known as Air Mauritius? Are you surprised that that den of parasites and arse lickers is now in voluntary administration?

And to think they they closed down Bramer Bank for far, far less than the monstrosities those parasites have created....

Lundi 4 Mai 2020

1.Posté par Yvette le 05/05/2020 01:12
The credit committee must be sued for negligence or perhaps collusion if any

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