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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 19 Avril 2020

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Ki news item in grab nou latansion plis depi Mercredi laprer midi? The mindless arrest of Rachna Seenauth by 12 police officers ( mari danzerer sa fam la!) and kept incommunicado for 3 hours, and locked up for one night!

All based on a complaint by an absolute idiot whose only proficiency is in licking the arse of whichever politician he thinks will do him personal favours.

There has been a wave of sympathy for Rachna Seenauth and rightly so. The arse lickers and those who mocked her in those days of darkness for her should now try to fuck themselves sideways with an English cucumber...

All the newspapers and radio stations have reported extensively on this case, except one: le defi en fesse and its Radio Sousou.

They have not printed even one word on the arrest of Rachna Seenauth, those vile videos of KKvas which I put in my post yesterday and which have been copied by a vast number of people, the circumstances of her arrest which sound illegal by normal standards and which I highlighted in detail in yesterday's post, the complaint by Jameel Peerally against kkvas which has led to the arrest of kkvas and his incarceration at Alcatraz tonight ( although it seems he is still apparently in possession of his phone...): Nothing from the rag that claims to be the most popular on the island or its Radio Sousou programmed to con the gullible and lepep kouyon.

That group of zourlanus at le defi have taken over the Media Trust and using taxpayers' money in order to write nice things about their new God, Pravind Jugnauth. And they have the audacity to often remind us that we have a free and independent press in Mauritius...

Le Defi has now become the perfect illustration of the old saying: if you want real news, don't read the newspapers!

If you want trivia, tales of schoolgirls shagging with their 'jambes en l'air, as if the so called reporters were there doing a bit of bhai lookhe and noticing the exact position taken for the juvenile jig jig, gruesome stories of violence and drugs, then le defi en fesse is your well as the army of gogotologues/sousoutologues/observateurs politiques who are nothing but masters of the obvious. Perhaps le defi should now brand those incredibly boring programmes as sponsored by the manufacturers of Mogadon and other drugs designed to cure insomnia...

Those fuckers have the cheek to often accuse Facebookers of being 'donneurs de lessons"? All that I can say is that if you are that thick or that corrupt and arrogant to ignore real news and to believe that keeping your tongues stuck up the ministerial arses is a sign of good journalism, then you indeed need lessons in all sorts of subjects.

Gone are the days of real newspapers, of journalists who want to inform the people about the things that matter to them. We now have rags staffed by people whose only interest in life can be summarised thus: how to smile more times at the minister than your colleague..

I only hope that now Eshan Jumann and Shakeel Mohamed will also sue kkvas over those videos....
And there is nothing stopping Rachna Seenauth from going to Casernes on Monday and to complain that the videos have caused her a lot of annoyance because of its vulgarity and racism...especially as the owner of those videos which clearly breach ICTA showed incredible hypocrisy by complaining about a copy/paste of a meme which was funny and nothing else.

Dimanche 19 Avril 2020

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