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[Paul Lismore] Unfortunately, this will never happen in our "August" National Assembly

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 18 Novembre 2021

We all know about the fat oaf who pretends to be the Speaker of the National Assembly but who behaves like a third rate bouncer in a downtown dive that has the cheek to call itself a nightclub: all mouth, no common sense, and pushing forward his lardy stomach instead of the muscles that all bouncers are supposed to have.

One instinctively knows that logic, common sense, and fair play mean nothing to someone like him, and that you would be wasting your time and energy trying to explain to him that 1+1 is always 2 instead of the 3 or 4 that his weird mind always calculates it to be.

Over the last fortnight, his replacement, the Deputy Whatsit, has been receiving a good press, and deservedly so. Not that he has done anything extraordinary or anything that comes remotely close to how real Speakers perform, but at least he has not ordered anyone out, and by and large, he has managed to maintain some sort of decorum in the so called "august" assembly.

His left eye and ear seem to be working better than the fat oaf's, but his right ear and right eye still remain more dominant, unfortunately... Instead of the thuggish and callously offensive " Look at your face", he prefers to use the elongated version of " Order!", and his " Oorderrrrr" does seem to calm the ardour of the empty headed members....Maybe people like Nuckcheddy, Bobok Hureeram, Toussein, and the other suited hooligans believe that "Oorderrrr" is the Deputy Speaker's reminder that the 5* star food and drinks provided by the taxpayer will be served soon, and that the slow ones had better start thinking now about the delicious plate they will be ordering soon...

Can you imagine any Mauritian Speaker telling the Prime Minister, irrespective of which party he leads, " You may be the Prime Minister of this country but in this House I'm in charge." Or telling the Prime Minister, "it is called Prime Minister's Question Time, therefore the Prime Minister has to answer the questions put to him instead of asking the leader of the opposition to answer questions! It is not the leader of the opposition Question Time, it is the Prime Minister's Question Time!" 

Not in a million years, I am afraid....In the unlikely event that it does happen, the Mauritian PM will immediately get a vote of no confidence passed by his chatwas, and the Speaker would be out with Ivan Bibi demonstrating outside the National Assembly about the injustice of it all...

Our sick, useless, and very ineffectual democracy has elevated the role of Prime Minister to that of God, and otherwise good, decent people have been turned into chatwas exhibiting dog like obedience without much effort...It has now become a race open to insalubrious individuals to show that he/she loves the PM the most...

Watch the video and marvel at the way a real Speaker behaves...

Crédit vidéo : The Independent

Jeudi 18 Novembre 2021

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