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[Paul Lismore] Time for the opposition to do what Maya Hanoomanjee did in 2014: Kick the MBC out !

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 12 Juillet 2020

Here we go again. A TV station that exists entirely on OUR money is once again staffed by parasites of the worst kind who will do anything in order to please the politicians in power. Independent, objective, analytical news?

Forget it! Because a/ those disgusting little amoebas would not know the first thing about analysis, but know very well the first 4 letters of 'analysis', as their primary duty in life is to bend down and offer it to any politician as disgusting as themselves. b/ Their tiny little brains are entirely controlled by some idiots from the PMO.

Ramgoolam committed the same abuse of our MBC with his Dan Callikan and other mercenaries who should never be allowed to come anywhere near any broadcasting authority again.

We all know what happened to Ramgoolam in 2014, despite the toxic, dishonourable and utterly vile bias of the MBC towards him, and against the then opposition. He lost heavily, a result that clearly shows that no matter what lies the MBC peddles, people eventually will see through them and vote for the opposition, if only out of disgust and revulsion for those holding the strings of those puppets at the MBC.

How stupid is Pravind Jugnauth?

Does he think that somehow a Lepep admittedly quite kouyon will again buy the blatant lies of the MBC, and will spare him the fate rightly meted out to Ramgoolam when he too insulted our intelligence with the crap that the MBC was feeding us?

He will soon find out that all the syrupy, fake words of his soucerres, esp those arseholes who pretend to be 'advisers' to him in the PMO , all the blatant lies of the MBC and the pathetic little zombies of Insane News and that so called radio station called Wazaa and staffed by mercenaries, will not be enough to hide the obvious truth to ALL of us: that our money has been stolen by billions of rupees, that all sorts of brain dead idiots have been nominated by him, the latest one being the Dulthaidiot as Chief of our museums when really he should have been stuffed and placed in one. 

How stupid does Pravind Jugnauth and his crazy and psychotic la cuisine have to be when the same corrupt team of absolute idiots and shameless arselickers who desecrated the tomb of Pere Laval, the same 3 idiots who tried to insult our intelligence by "reporting" that homelessness is the fault of the Church, yesterday gave a report on the Port Louis march that was so far from the truth that one would need a Space vehicle to find it?

Yes, arselicker supreme Azagen Rungen, who has made an absolute fortune since leaving le defi and hiding under SAJ's wrinkled scrotum, someone called Brigmohun who clearly needs a bridge for him to be able to cross the river of lies that he inhabits, and surprise, surprise, Ravin Joypaul yet again...Ravin Joypaul, so far down the ravine of lies, deceit, misinformation, and fabrication of "news" that not even the SAS could possibly locate and rescue him...

Those 3 tossers were the ones responsible for yesterday's incredible distortion of the news....supported of course by Anooj Ramsurrun, an idiot who would win the Gold medal for the Stupidity and Soucerre Challenge Cup in every Olympics from now to eternity.

I am afraid the Opposition now has only three choices:

1/ Appeal to the IBA, which would be an absolute waste of time, esp as that "Independent" watchdog is now chaired by an ex Taxi Driver who now and then comes up for air, but only when he can remove his face from Pravind Jugnauth's arse.
2/ Go directly to the Court with a petition that clearly shows how both the MBC and the IBA consistently break the laws that govern them.

3/ My favourite choice, which is to do a Maya Hanoomanjee and kick the corrupt bastards out of every meeting, conference that you hold.

Alternatively, they could do what I would certainly advocate as the only sensible reaction to this bunch of nasty, evil little bastards. Keep a bucket of shit ready and as soon as they walk in with their cameras, pour the contents over their stupid heads. Or if they turn up at your meetings, slap them hard!

I am afraid that is the only logical reaction left when you are faced with mercenary bastards who are taking our money under false pretences.

Dimanche 12 Juillet 2020

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