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[Paul Lismore],Time for our courts to show the idiots in the National Assembly the concept of rule of law

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 13 Avril 2023

[Paul Lismore],Time for our courts to show the idiots in the National Assembly the concept of rule of law
We hear it from them all the time: Nou dan ene etat de droit! And yet, they break the law with total impunity, safe in the knowledge that the institutions designed to stop the thieves and the corrupt, i.e. our police force, that thing called ICAC, and various "Financial" sipaki, are all in the firm grasp of the thieves and the corrupt.

So, what can be done, apart from kicking them out of power at the next elections? Of course, we assume that Bangla Deshis have lost their habit of voting often, T squares have been relegated to geometry classes, dead people will not swim out of St Jean cemetery and vote, rigged computers will be a thing of the past, the Electoral Commissioner will do what he is handsomely paid to do, the Electoral Supervisory Commission will control its urge to obey every instruction from la kwizinne, completed ballot papers will not grow wings and fly out of the window, and those tasked with counting the votes would have mastered the arduous task of counting 1 to 100 without making any mistakes...

But that is for another day, which hopefully will arrive soon. I would hate to think that even chatwas are happy with the way the moronic and quite disgusting Speaker conducts proceedings in the far from "august" National Assembly. But I suppose if you are used to eating shit every day, then you might perhaps form the opinion that Hitler was a wonderful human being....and therefore you will find our Speaker to be a terribly sexy, nice, kind, well balanced individual.

Do you know what is the favourite question of most decent people every Tuesday morning? "Kisan la sa sovaz la pou bour deor zordi?" Followed by, " Eski Obeedoobeedoo et so bourzoi pou kontinier dire nou ki zot democrates et bour deor ban dimoune ki in elu par boukou plis dimounes ki zot?" The answer unfortunately is a sad nod of the head followed by " Kapav enpesse lisien manz kk?"

Arvind Boolell has at last decided to apply for an injunction to stop the Speaker behaving as if lassenblee national pou mari sorma sa....or to be more accurate, to stop him from behaving as a shameless fat slave of the ti cretin. The whole thing is ludicrous: Someone who has not received even one vote decides every week to kick out, on farcical, quite preposterous grounds, people legitimately voted into the National Assembly by thousands of Mauritians.

The whole thing is conducted in the bullying atmosphere of an Approved school, where the chief school brat, otherwise known as the Prime Minister, decides with the approval of a complete arse licker, Obeedoobeedoo, and supported by stupid little boys left loose on the playground, and silly little girls trying to catch the eye of the school brat for a bit of fumbling behind the toilets...These dunderheads, dimwits, and buffoons decide within seconds that the votes of thousands of electors do not count as they have to obey the school brat....

Arvind Boolell applied to the court for an injunction on Wednesday, following the decision of the Moron, the school brat, and the arselicker, to suspend him for another 2 sessions. Why? Parski li ti koz en deor parlman! Eoula! Since when has the Speaker become the Director of Public Prosecutions? What or who gave those idiots the right to believe that as the Dipshit obeys every instruction they give him, they can now bypass him and act as the police themselves? 

Hopefully, the Judge, Shameem Hamuth-Laulloo will decide tomorrow that the decision of those bozos was clearly ultra vires and that Arvind Boolell should resume his rightful place in the National Assembly. But one never knows...

Shakeel Mohamed and Arvind Boolell are still waiting for the last 9 months for their cases against the Speaker to be heard...One would have thought that matters of constitutional importance would be heard by a full Supreme Court, but I am afraid that only happens in a real etat de droit. In the UK, the full Supreme Court ordered Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reopen parliament after he foolishly closed down proceedings. He too was a spoilt brat and is now out of office and out of power...

Will Judge Shameem Hamuth-Laulloo do what all decent and right thinking citizens hope he will do on Friday? I hope so. But one still wonders whether the cancer of corruption that has decimated all our institutions has not spread to the judiciary too...

The way the electoral petitions were handled and the manner the court is dealing with the appeals against the Moron's decisions in the National Assembly do not augur well.

Jeudi 13 Avril 2023

1.Posté par Dustin LSE 2:2 le 13/04/2023 21:23
Nothing will happen tomorrow. The usual delaying tactics will be employed. Objections will be raised, and the matter will be postponed for a later date.

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