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[Paul Lismore] Time for Lepep to follow uncle Bob, and to get up, stand up for your rights

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 10 Août 2020

" You can fool some people sometimes, But you can't fool all the people all the time"...Bob Marley

We just cannot go on like this! What will it take for the people of this island to rise up like the black waves devastating our sea and beaches, and to say to the thieves and the corrupt bastards:


They have stolen everything, they have taken all the money of Lepep and stashed them in bank accounts/properties overseas. They are such a rapacious breed that they have stolen the souls of so many, and turned them into zombies always ready to praise them, in return for a few crumbs.

They have stolen all our institutions and placed their thieves/relatives to take charge of them. They have stolen our Bank of Mauritius with the help of absolute idiots that they have nominated to take charge of our national bank, and now its coffers are empty.

They have taken our money from the Bank of Mauritius and given billions of rupees of it to the Super Rich who could not give a fuck about this nation. They have turned jewellers, ironmongers, in fact anyone with a long tongue as pharmaceutical agents who can buy cheap crap at extortionate prices, in order to take advantage of the massive hysteria that they themselves created over Covid-19.

They have turned OUR police force into a private army for the Jugs and for the slaves who surround them, ever so ready to praise them. They have turned our Courts of "Justice" into cheap market places where only the pimps and tarts of this government will get a 'fair' hearing, and the rest of us can wait for years, if not decades, before any case that concerns us will be completed. 

The greatest test of any democracy is whether elections are free and fair, and yet our Supreme Court, even in the resplendent surroundings of a Rs 1 billion building provided for free by India, continues to dilly dally with stultifying indecision and a degree of apathy and laisser faire that in itself is quite criminal. 

They have infiltrated our so called 'free and independent' press with newspapers and radio stations that are nothing but propaganda machines for the thieves.

They have converted our MBC, yes our MBC Anooj and your soucerres in case you have forgotten, into a den of iniquity where male prostitutes pretend to be zourlanus whilst giving themselves huge pay and privileges increases out of OUR money....and then form little groups of  thieving, corrupt little bastards who will complain en masse to Facebook when their sins are made public...or in the case of a little male pitin with a squeaky voice who has become a multi millionaire through his links with la cuisine and who wasted the time of our police last week with a complaint about me telling you the truth about the scrawny little bastard.

Many more Mauritians have died from road accidents, from diabetic and cardiac complications, from domestic violence, from the incredible level of violence that is now endemic on this island, than from that poxy little virus. Do they care? Of course not! Covid 19 has been the golden opportunity for thieves and weasels to become even richer than the huge amounts they have already stolen.

And now, because of a level of incompetence and negligence that is truly criminal, they have through sheer complacency, arrogance, and a level of nonchalance that defies description, allowed an unknown ship to sail right into our reefs and to disgorge its toxic, poisonous oil on beaches that once made us feel we were living in Paradise.

Even then, they have used this calamitous disaster as an opportunity for dressing up and giving sick smiles for their sick selfies, instead of joining the admirable Mauritians doing their level best to stem the thick, oily tide.

So, get up and stand up! Stand up for your rights! Don't let the bastards finish this country off for good! Do whatever needs to be done to show them that 1.2 million of decent Mauritians will not let a bunch of thieving bastards, even with their 12,000 obedient and subservient gablous, destroy the bits that are left.

Do what you feel is right, and which you know your children and grand children will praise you and be grateful for when you regain Paradise for them, from the Hell that these psychopaths will otherwise continue to create for us, and for future generations.

Just do it!

And if Facebook continues its dirty game of supporting the thieving bastards and colluding with them to make life difficult for those who tell the truth, so be it. There are many other ways to spread the message.....and Mark Zuckerberg ought to know from concerned citizens in Mauritius about how his little soldiers in this region have now corrupted what used to be a praiseworthy avenue for freedom of expression, and turned it into a weapon of repression for the thieving bastards. 

Lundi 10 Août 2020

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