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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 18 Juillet 2022

1/ Pride of place must go to a very pertinent observation by the veteran journalist, Habib Mosaheb, on his Facebook page. I can't find the post, but it said something like this: "Quite weird are those people who condemn the racism of others by themselves putting forward racist filth..." I see that all the time on Facebook, and it is no wonder that almost every ethnic community in Mauritius now feels victimised by this perceived or imaginary racism. 

" Zot ban racistes" seems to have become the favourite slogan/accusation of racists arseholes from EVERY community.

2/ The execrable, appallingly bad standard of the rags who have the temerity to call themselves newspapers....the usual suspects never fail to surprise us with the drivel and nonsense that the idiots who run those "papers" continue to pour out shamelessly every day. If some racist numpties decide to hold a "press conference", bet everything you own on the possibility the MorpIoN News will be there to spray us with the shit that flows from the mouths of those neanderthals at the press conference. Bet a smaller amount on Insane News/ Wazaa being there too with their buckets ready to scoop the shits from the dickheads at the "press conference".

Lately, Top fm also seems to like to show its face at these events that no sane person should ever attend or watch.

3/ If the racism corpse that we like to think is dead is now showing signs of an alarming revival, a lot of the responsibility lies with those bastards in our so-called " free and independent" media/press. The biggest cesspit of racist filth is of course the MBC, but that is not surprising when you have an absolute idiot in charge of that monstrous organisation....and an IBA that is supposed to regulate the media that is made up of sycophants, idiots, and wannabes, and which does absolutely nothing. Watch Le Journal MBC tonight when another bunch of nincompoops claiming to represent me, Hindu House sipaki, will talk about manifestation against Joanna Berenger. I hope they also denounce Lady Macbeth's uncle as anti Hindou too...haha! 

4/ The MSM has made a mountain of not even a molehill from that Creole Proverb. Do you know  what's even worse than that? Not one of those fucking zourlanus from MorpIoN News and other rags had the decency to tell the racist filth in "press conference: "Ou pa koner ki sa lexpression la, c tonton Lady Macbeth ki in fer sa vine popiler? Eski li oussi anti Hindu?"

6/ Yes, Joanna Berenger was perhaps wrong/careless to have published that proverb next to pics of symbols of Hinduism. If she had published the proverb next to the 2 most UnGodlike characters on the island, ti cretin and Lady Macbeth, and nothing else, everything would have been fine....

So, one can understand a bit of the annoyance which many Hindus felt. But the rabid, hysterical rage and anger of arseholes claiming to represent all Hindus? Eoula! Zour mo bizin bann ggt kouma zot vine reprezant moi, mo pou tire mo vre sabre, pa sabre plastik lor zot!

How much longer will this nonsense continue? Until we have a race/ethnic war, and Ti cretin asks Big Brother Modi to send his army? And if that happens, the people responsible for that will be: 

1/ The racist mob amongst Hindus trying to inflame the situation.

2/ The racist mob from the other communities who see it as quite "normal" to make racist comments about Hindus. Kalpana Koonjoo Shah was quite stupid to get involved in this "proverb" nonsense, but does she really deserve all those insults about her size, etc? I recall getting complaints from so called feminists when I questioned Leela Lipala's aptitude as a minister and remarked on her short blouses which always reveal a vast expanse of fat. I don't see any of those feminists now...

3/ Our quite useless media and press for giving an enormous amount of attention and publicity to the racist vermins of our island. These zourlanus are the ones making racism quite acceptable amongst so many la tete kokom. Why the fuck is it impossible for these so called editors to ban their zourlanus from broadcasting the racist venom of those arseholes?

4/ Pravind Kumar Jugnauth: He is so desperate to cling to power that a race war will, in his rather feeble mind, make the Hindus side with him and vote him to power again. He is wrong, because that will not happen, and the figures simply don't add up. Anyway, most decent Hindus do not even consider him or his wife as proper Hindus...He can only win if he cheats...again.

So, all you "non racists" who sometimes like to drop your racist shit on my page, stop it. I will delete the comments and block you. Facebook has millions of pages that will accept such nonsense. Go there, please..

Lundi 18 Juillet 2022

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