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[Paul Lismore] The things our "serviteurs du pays" say...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 4 Septembre 2021

" Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."---Mahatma Gandhi.

Unfortunately, when too many of our politicians and assorted "serviteurs du pays" say " Seki mo dire, mo pou fer", you immediately understand this to mean that the only "fer" they will do is with you and with the rest of the population.

Lying is no longer an art, it has become the one personality trait that will guarantee you "success" in a corrupt country rapidly depleting itself of any sense of morality and decency that it used to have. 

A friend has sent me a copy of an "interview" in L'Express of the Head honcho in the death department, Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin. I have put "interview" in inverted commas because many of our zourlanus believe that asking someone whether he is a "gourmet" or a "gourmand" is the absolute summit of the inquisitorial skills of an interviewer....Most of us could not give a fuck whether the individual being "interviewed" is a greedy bastard or is someone with a refined tongue, but eh! Our zourlanus love to think that we do really give a fuck about such trivia...

I'll give you some quotes from the interview, and compare and contrast what the Chief Mortuary Doctor says with what actually happened from the moment the corpse of Kistnen was found to the moment he left the mortuary.

" N’est-ce pas trop difficile de voir des morts à longueur de journée ? Non, c’est là une profession qui demande obligatoirement de la passion et du zèle. Notre tâche consiste à faire de sorte que les choses soient claires comme de l’eau de roche pour la police et pour la famille du défunt. Et ce, d’une manière objective et impartiale."

We all witnessed how Dr Sunassee, Dr Gungadin's junior, showed tremendous "passion et zele" when doing his level best to conceal the true reasons for Kistnen's death. His findings were not "claires comme de l'eau de roche". Au contraire, they were designed to fool everyone with his far fetched and incredible theory of "suicide".

The next answer really takes the biscuit, especially when one considers the truly scandalous attitude and findings of that comical autopsy:

" Un médecin légiste peut-il commettre des erreurs médicales ? L’erreur est humaine, mais il faut réaliser ses erreurs et les corriger le plus vite possible. Étant donné que dans le domaine médico-légal, cela peut avoir des conséquences désastreuses telles qu’un verdict erroné, un emprisonnement, des retombées psychologiques ou encore la peur. Sans compter que cela peut nuire à la réputation de la profession."

Having read that, do you want to laugh, cry, or scream at the sheer hypocrisy of these sweet sounding words?

Remember, 1/ Sunassee never told anyone about his extremely close links with at least two suspects in the Kistnen case.

2/ Against all normal practice, he took over the autopsy from the Doctor who had actually visited the crime scene.

3/ How did that happen, that the autopsy was transferred from the usual place, Candos, to Jeetoo? Only someone senior to Sunassee could have done that, no doubt following some prompting from some "honourable" serviteur du pays...

4/ The way Sunassee gave his evidence, one got the impression that the only burnt object he has ever examined in his life was a burger at a barbecue that was not attended to properly. In his warped, or rather arrogant mind, he thinks that 5% soot in the lungs is evidence of "suicide" by setting fire to yourself, and that therefore we should believe that. Good grief man! Most of us, even non-smokers, have more than that amount of soot in our lungs. And if you don't, stand at a bus stop and watch our lovely buses throw that lovely black smoke in your face, and you will soon have enough soot to confuse a stupid doctor...

The icing on the cake is this answer from the Head Mortician: Remember all the lies that have been told during the judicial inquiry re the cause of death.

"Qu’est-ce qui pousse quelqu’un à devenir médecin légiste ? C’est la conviction qu’il y a beaucoup de choses après la mort. Ce n’est pas facile de faire parler un mort. Il faut s’intéresser à l’aspect légal de la médecine pour embrasser cette profession. Et surtout, il ne faut pas avoir peur de dire haut et fort la vérité."

Yes, "il ne faut pas avoir peur de dire haut et fort la vérité"...I am afraid these people now lie for a living, so "verite" is well and truly way above their comprehension.

President Harry S. Truman popularised the phrase, "the buck stops here", to show that the person at the top bears ultimate responsibility for any fuck ups down the line. Will Gungadin accept at least some of the blame for the horrendous failings of his junior, Sunassee?

No chance! He is more likely to repeat what our politicians always say, " Pa moi sa, li sa!" And then light a candle or some camphor, say a prayer, and thank God that Mauritius has such wonderful serviteurs du pays with a real sense of duty and responsibility....

Gourmand ou gourmet? Who gives a fuck? One can only hope that the evil bastards who call themselves "Patriotes" will choke on their food instead..

Samedi 4 Septembre 2021

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