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[Paul Lismore] The terrible lies they keep telling us about patient Zero

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 28 Mars 2021

" fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me".

Unfortunately, Jagutpal and his team of tiresome bullshitters keep trying to fool us all the time.

From doggedly sticking to 10 as the total number of people who have unfortunately died from Covid 19 despite the clear evidence that this is a lie, to the thoroughly disgusting lie that they are doing their best to find out the identity of Patient Zero. How much longer will they continue to pretend that they do not know the identity of Patient Zero?

But it gets worse, folks! When Pravind Jugnauth was bullshitting us about Mauritius being Covid free/safe, he knew very well that one of our compatriots had died from the virus on January 23rd!

Which meant that when he and his dummy police commissioner were allowing public gatherings of thousands of people, he must have known that there was a real danger of the virus spreading around many innocent people. He himself took part in those socio cultural ceremonies designed to make arse lickers perfect their diabolical skills with their tongues, and I wonder whether he did that, despite the clear risks, because si sorpa ti in ti p plis tipti ki Bon Dier, possib li koir ki li meme Bon dier aster, kan ou guet sa kantite zoaves avek zot la lang deor kan li parmi zot...

Anyway, these are the facts, and I am grateful to Rouben Mooroongapillay for his post on this topic. I can well understand his reticence to publish the names, as our "patriots" are extremely fond in annoying the police with their stupid complaints. But, as I don't give a fuck about any politician from any party, here are the names: 

1/ The late R. Reesaul returned from India in January 2021, and was admitted to New Souillac Hospital. After his second PCR, he was found Covid 19 positive and transferred to ENT, where he unfortunately passed away on 23rd January.

2/ A Charge Nurse called Boodhoo took charge of Reesaul at NSH, but after Reesaul was found to be Covid 19 positive, Boodhoo and several members of staff at NSH were transferred to Pointe aux Sables for quarantine on 19th January.

3/ 3 of those sent to Pointe Aux Sables were diagnosed as Covid 19 positive, including Boodhoo, on 20th January. The other 2 were Autaram and Baboolal.

4/ After all 3 were subsequently declared negative during their quarantine, Boodhoo was transferred to JNH hospital at Rose Belle.

5/ Both NSH and JNH are currently in the grip of a new outbreak of Covid 19, and had to be closed down. 

How come Boodhoo was allowed out during his quarantine period for shopping and prayers? Jagutpal cannot claim ignorance of all the above as

a/ He is the Minister of Health, a "patriot" who lies every time he opens his mouth, AND he is very friendly with Boodhoo?

How come they keep talking about "Patient Zero" when they already knew his identity in January of this year?

Jagutpal recently declared that "« Si ou pa donn informasyon korekteman, lerla ou pou bizin fer face lalwa .» Will the wretched man now apply that rule to himself and fer face lalwa akoz tou so menti?
Kifer tou sa hysterie lor sa couple La Caverne la, mai narien lor Patient Zero, linconpetance sa ban zoaves ki koz menti tou les zours lor Covid, et zot silence condanab lor seki zot ti deza koner lor Patient Zero depi Zanvier 2021? 

Et zot ena toupee akiz dimoune lor Fake News kan zot meme zot expert dan donne fausse news tou les zours?

Dimanche 28 Mars 2021

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