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[Paul Lismore] The terrible lies of our main "patriote"...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 28 Décembre 2020

Imagine this scenario: Your back is against the wall, you are deeply unpopular, most people believe you are a thief who has stolen billions of rupees from us and at the same time made multimillionaires of several arseholes whose only role in life is to lick your arse even when you have not washed it, the population composed the most popular song of 2020 and sung it with great enthusiasm outside your office by screaming " Bour li Deor!".

You are such a cretin that your first reaction to this display of national anger is to say a cretinous "merci", which shows the cavernous depth of your stupidity and naivety.

You are then faced with an alliance of the major opposition parties, and you know that your 28% electoral vote could not possibly survive the next elections, even with all sorts of fraudulent practices that you and your slaves in the Electoral Commission, the Electoral Supervisory Commission, and the police have perfected, and which worked in the previous election.

One of your main agents in your own constituency gets murdered, and your lack of reaction or display of empathy towards the widow and relatives of the victim shows you for what you are: an overgrown spoilt brat who still sees himself in the schoolyard with the little oiks who pretend to be your friend simply because you happen to be the son of the Prime Minister. 

You remain the only Prime Minister who not only sequestered two foreigners in the luxury apartment of your Attorney General, but offered your services as a macro in order to make the 2 foreigners spend some time with some beautiful girls in exchange for them giving you and your little mob of thieves a juicy commission on duty free goods at Plaisance. You can place a safe bet that Ramgoolam would never have done that, and would instead have grabbed the 'beautiful girls' for himself! And you are surprised that almost everyone has something to say about your marital situation?

When faced with the alliance of the opposition, what are your tactics?

You go and find as many sociokultchurel oiks that you can find, because you seem apparently obsessed with the cheap curtains you love them to drape over your shoulders! Instead of giving adequate answers on so many issues that directly involve you to the National Assembly, you prefer to spin yarns of absolute nonsense to those socio kultchurel devils.

That incredibly stupid mind of yours really felt that the BWSC report was manna from heaven, because presumably your even more stupid advisers saw Berenger's "name" mentioned in a scrap of paper that only you, Ivan Collendavelloo, and a few others close to you have seen. Here are a few questions that sensible people ought to ask themselves:

1/ If Berenger's name was really mentioned in the report as one of those who accepted dirty money, everyone would have expected you to leak various bits of that report that condemn Berenger to the zourlanus mercenaires that you seem so fond of. As you have not done it apart from squawking like a demented parrot in the National Assembly that " To nom la dan!", one can reasonably assume that there is nothing of any substance against Berenger in that report.

2/ "To nom la dan!" can of course mean something like, " Berenger, as leader of the opposition, was asking some very sensitive questions about the St Louis tender and has even asked for a Commission of Inquiry". Yes, it makes perfect sense for Berenger's name to be mentioned like this, don't you think? Those who are not zombies should ask this question: " Why would Berenger ask for a Commission of inquiry that would inevitably show he had taken dirty money?" We can accuse Berenger of many things, but being stupid is not one of them....

3/ Your little dogs at ICAC have taken our money and per diem for a quite lengthy visit to Europe in order to get copies of the BWSC report. 2 months later, NOTHING! Are you trying to make us believe that if there was anything that incriminated Berenger for bribery, your chief dog, Navin Bikmanga of ICAC, would not have arrested him already? Or that bits of that report condemning Berenger would not have been leaked already? Eoula!

4/ You are always keen to challenge your opponents in the National Assembly to " si to ene zom, dire sa deor!", as a prelude to issuing libel writs for hundreds of millions of rupees to repair a reputation that is quite frankly beyond repair. How come you yourself have never accused Berenger in public of anything re the St Louis scandal?

Unless I am terribly mistaken, I simply cannot see how Berenger as a member of the opposition could have been in any position to influence the tendering process. We are all painfully aware of how our so called parliamentary democracy is really a dictatorship by the Prime Minister of the day, as you yourself continue to show every week with nominations of slaves to head our institutions. 

Berenger has many faults, but logic tells me that he could not have benefitted from the dirty money of BWSC, as the only people who could influence the tendering process were members of the government and people at the Ministry of Energy---people who come directly under your command. This explains yet again why your koutas at the ICAC are taking their time to investigate this scandal.

With the best will in the world, I nor can anyone else ever see Berenger being under your command. Because people under your command are replicas of the schoolboys wanting to be seen with the son of the Prime Minister in the schoolyard, and who continually fool you by saying the things to make a spoilt brat feel very important and clever.

Lundi 28 Décembre 2020

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