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[Paul Lismore] The terrible dangers facing this nation demands that Badhain forms part of a united opposition

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 14 Août 2020

" The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Yes, I never thought I would ever be able to say anything good about Roshi Bhadain.

The memories of him stomping around from his ministerial limousine, with VIPSU slaves in attendance, to the Ministry of Vile Propaganda known as the MBC, and to peddle us stories about a Ponzi that never was, whilst the vultures were pecking at and gulping the juiciest meat from the carcass of BAI/Bramer, remain as nauseating as ever.

Never in our history have we ever known a government to be that vindictive, that cruel with a thick streak of sadism running through its veins, that it not only destroyed the business of a Mauritian citizen without any warning, but it also indulged in an orgy of pillage and looting, and stealing all the assets of that Mauritian known as Dawood Rawat. 

But if Dawood Rawat's family thought over a year ago that it was ok to deal with Roshi Bhadain and to even appear on a public platform with him, who am I to argue?

Perhaps I too ought to consider his unpardonable behaviour and grotesque excess of zeal at that time as the unbridled and rather perilous adventures of a relatively young man saddled with the enormous responsibilities and privileges of power following his surprising victory at his first attempt at an election. But, as the nun would say to the bishop, the taste is still bitter, and the memories of those days often come back to haunt me and many others.

Perhaps Roshi Badhain, in his new found zeal to expose the sins of the Jugs, might want to try to remove that particular stain from his record, and to at last tell us the whole truth about the main actors in that most cruel of actions by any government in our history against one of its own citizens.....

Things have moved on a lot since then, and the general mood seems to be: However bad SAJ, NR, PRB were as PM, the Honourable Pravind KUMAR Jugnauth, as his zombies in the "tiambers" love to call him, has been by far our worst Prime Minister, in all areas.

Economically, we are at death's door, with tens billions of rupees wasted on stupid projects and hefty commissions going into their pockets; the national debt will take decades to redress, and the Rs 180 billions stolen from the Bank of Mauritius will end up either in the deep pockets of the super rich, or in the pockets of thieving politicians, their jewellers and quincaillerie friends, corrupt building magnates, so called entrepreneurs including those pretending to be so stylish and 'with it' and who have moved from active supporters of the opposition only 10 months ago to now become rabid rabble rousers for the government  etc....

Our basic freedoms are being threatened and removed on a daily basis, all our institutions are now corrupt fuckholes with idiots in charge of them, our police force is now the private army of the Jugs, most of our newspapers are no longer even fit for us to wipe our arses with, the sickening level of hypocrisy and arrogance within most of the press and media is now superseded only by that shown by the zombies in government. 

Within all that doom and gloom, there has however been the voice and presence of one man who, with commendable use of modern technology and with apparently inexhaustible energy, has galvanised many people.

He is a powerful orator, he has an extra large mouth which means he is not too afraid or shy to air his views, but more than that, he knows how to connect with Lepep Admirab, a quality that seems to be alien to the vast majority of our politicians.

He has not contented himself with just making a few videos, despite his being more factual and informative than those provided by the politicians of more established parties. He has also organised two very successful public meetings, and that is not bad at all for someone who is the leader of a minor party with mostly anonymous people around him. Whether you like him or not (and I am still making my mind up about him...), one has to accept the fact that outside the "tiambers", Roshi Bhadain has been by far the most effective campaigner against this government....and I am surprised that the official opposition has not made anything at all about the info he disclosed at his last meeting re Pravind's and Lady Macbeth's rather unconventional and very inventive way of acquiring property....

I hope I am wrong, but I fear that it is Roshi Bhadain's relative  and resounding success with the population since the last elections that might scupper his chances of joining the PTr/MMM/ PMSD coalition. Why? Because of the one sentiment that seems stuck to the DNA of our politicians: jealousy.

I get the impression that the 3 leaders can see the clear merits in having Roshi Bhadain by their side, but the ambitious showmen behind them will see this as an encroachment on their territory and worse, a likely downgrading of their own ranking within their party structure.

If that is the case, and my info tells me it is, then the 3 leaders ought to show leadership and tell the whippersnappers to get into line because, whether they like it or not, the national interest demands a united opposition against this nasty, authoritarian, thieving, and evil government.

The sooner we have a united opposition of PTr/MMM/PMSD/ Roshi Bhadain(Reform), the better for the country and its interests. He will of course have to rein in his enthusiasm and exuberance and accept the fact that he will, at least at this stage, be a junior member of that coalition. But if he continues in the same vein he has over the last 10 months, then there is every possibility that he will soon become a Senior/equal member of that coalition.

There is one thing about Roshi Bhadain that no one can deny: he did reject all the trappings of power and the quite scandalous privileges that politicians have awarded themselves by resigning first as minister and then as a member of "Tiambers".

I cannot recall any other politician doing this, unless if you are stupid enough to want to put Ivan Collendavelloo's resignation for supporting an apartheid stalwart's application for a Mauritian passport in the same category...

Roshi Bhadain put his money where his admittedly big mouth was: he could no longer tolerate the government he used to form part of, he could not abide the mockery of democracy in our "Tiambers", and he thought that by resigning and calling a by election might shock the government into coming to its better senses....Remember, the ti cretin was so scared of the possibility of losing that it refused to select a candidate!

As far as I can see, there is only one way to combat a useless, dangerous government led by a little Hitler. Get someone who used to be familiar with the ghostly workings of la cuisine to officially join the opposition coalition and to enhance the power and effectiveness of that opposition. 

If Roshi Bhadain tailors his demands and expectations with the political maturity he seems to have developed, I cannot see how the other 3 leaders could possibly refuse to have him within their midst. As for the showmen in the lower rungs who feel they deserve much better than their mediocre talents would justify, fuck them!

Ramgoolam, Berenger, and Duval should now do as a matter of urgency what many are calling for: Unite the opposition by bringing Roshi Bhadain into the coalition. Failure to do so would be a dereliction of your duties towards this nation when we are faced with a truly evil government that will do anything in order to remain in power and to continue to bleed us dry.

Lepep pa pou exkizer si zot pa sey unir lopposition!!!

[Paul Lismore] The terrible dangers facing this nation demands that Badhain forms part of a united opposition

Vendredi 14 Août 2020

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