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[Paul Lismore] The shameless people with not enough dignity to resign when caught with their hands in the till...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 10 Juillet 2020

I know it is hard to imagine this scenario in a so called democracy, but it is the truth:

A virus is causing havoc around the world, many people have been made unemployed, poverty is rampant in the country, homeless people are being evicted and made to sleep outside in the cold winter air, and everyone is worried that this virus will cause enormous damage to the economy of every country in the world, including ours.

In a far away, distant land, a group of people take power by foul means, with the active support of so called independent institutions. On that once incredibly beautiful island, thieves and criminals in high office keep talking about an etat de droit, and how being a 'patriot' really means stealing from the taxpayer in order to feed only you, your family, and the little group of soucerres who will do anything to be recognised by you...

You proclaim in public as often as you can that "nou tou bizin ser sintir", whilst ensuring that what is left of a moribund economy will go directly into your pocket and that of the band of renegades who follow you.

You gratify those pathetic individuals with a few morsels, because you know that dogs will show unswerving loyalty to you when you throw some bones at them...

At the same, time, you "Chair" all sorts of committees which will decide how to allocate huge amounts of money from the stash you have compelled some oiks in the Central Bank to give you. All dans l'interet superieur du pays, of course.

You realise that the coronavirus, despite being dangerous, can also provide you with an incredible opportunity to add to your already immense wealth and to enrich some of those dogs who seem to bark the loudest in approval of your blatant thieving.

As a bonus, you can always claim that your "combat contre Covid-19" means the purchase of enormous amounts of masks and medical material that will help to protect the population that you claim to adore.

You know very well that both Jack Ma and Modi have already sent us enormous amount of masks and medical material for free, but you comfort yourself with the knowledge that we have a Lepep Kouyon that will swallow any bullshit that you give them, esp as their memory span seems to last for one day at most.

So you, as Chair of all those committees, hit on the brilliant idea to spend over one billion rupees of money that we have not got on buying masks that we do not need, because of the generosity of Jack Ma and Modi.

What is even better, you give the word to your two lapdogs, sorry ministers, that they can buy it on emergency procurement, i.e. there won't be any pestilential questions asked by anyone regarding those contracts....unless if they fuck up so badly that even the corpses in the cemetery will rise up and ask: "What the fuck are you doing?"

Being the cretin that you, you unfortunately do precisely that. You give a contract of Rs 10 millions for masks to a registered arsehole like Bissoon Mungroo, despite knowing full well that most people will curse you for doing so. But this is where arrogance leads you: the delusion that you can do whatever you want parski pouvoir dan mo la main...

But it gets worse: you allow quincailleries to obtain huge contracts worth hundreds of millions of rupees for pharmaceutical and medical products, which now have led many to believe that if you want a condom, don't go to the chemist but pop into your local quincaillerie where packets of the stuff will be found next to taps, water pipes, and cement...

You also give insanely expensive contracts to advertising companies and to companies that have no experience in the medical field whatsoever, and whose financial status were hitherto dormant. Is that your version of Prince Charming kissing them back into life?

Worse, you give a half a billion rupees contract to a company that is not registered in Mauritius, that no one has ever heard of, and that will apparently purchase even more fucking masks for us...

But this is where your arrogance and your sense of criminal impunity takes over: You give huge contracts to the family of the man you nominated as GM of the State Trading Company! In other words, the man in charge of the STC awards his own family huge contracts that will be financed by....the STC!

Of course, being the slimy coward that you are, you will say, "pa moi sa, ban la sa! Nou institutions azir en toute independance". And the rest of us will simply say" Bousser fesse, do! Nou bien koner ki san la ki pli gran voleur dan sa ggt pays la!"

Finally, it is a fact that you won't resign despite the buck stopping firmly at your feet. You are too shameless and you don't have it in you to do the decent thing.

But being the coward that you are, you ought to at least deflect the blame and ask your Minister of Commerce in charge of the STC and the hapless one at Health to resign. One for sheer incompetence and stupidity and the other out of pity for someone who really does not seem to have a clue about his ministry.

I am sure you have seen the diagram that is in the first comment, but if you haven't , have a look at it. Do you have the guts to ask for the immediate sacking of the General Manager whose name is at the bottom of the diagram? In his case, the buck really stops with him, and his family has made big bucks out of the misery that the coronavirus poses to all of us..

The time will come soon when this is the message that the population will give you...unless you rapidly stop your obsession with thieving taxpayers' money.

Vendredi 10 Juillet 2020

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