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[Paul Lismore] The shameless opportunism of Radio 1 and Radio Minus...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 25 Novembre 2021

Our 'free and independent' press never ceases to amaze me. At a time of the greatest danger to our freedom of expression and to the barely concealed desire of the thugs in power to get rid of Top fm, what do we see?

An almost complete silence from the bastards in the press who never fail to talk about "deontolozi", "ethics", "principes" and all the other laudable qualities that are singularly lacking in the zourlanus. Time was when the press and the media would rise up and shout their disapproval of the dictatorial tendencies of the Jugs, but I am afraid these days are gone. We now have a press and media populated mostly by mercenaries who pretend to be journalists but who really are no better than the many chatwas looking for any crumb from la cuisine.

Let me try to summarise the main poisonous points of the Amendment to the IBA:

1/ Radio licences will be renewed EVERY year instead of every 3 years.
   a/ Guess which radios have already had their licences renewed for 3 years and therefore will be able to broadcast their sanctimonious drivel and unashamedly biased "news" until the next elections in 2024? Radio 1 and Radio Minus.....
    b/ No prizes for guessing which radio station needs to renew its licence in December 2021? Yes, top fm, the station that seems to keep Pravind Jugnauth and his pestilential la cuisine awake at night. If the abominable amendment is passed, and it will be passed because there is not one member of the government with enough balls and integrity to distinguish right from wrong, this means that at best, Top fm will get a licence for 1 year....a bit like our hapless police commissioner whose appointment by interim means that la cuisine kapav kraz so graines kan zot envi.

2/ Without this infernal amendment to the IBA Act, Top fm was likely to receive a renewal for 3 years, i.e until the next elections. Can you now see the satanic reasons behind this amendment? As it is, if they get a 1 year licence, they will have to behave like a MSM follower, et souche graines la cuisine to be able to renew every year until the next elections.

3/ It gets worse folks! Everyone agrees that Gilbert Ithier did an excellent job as chair of the Complaints Committee, and showed complete independence from the zoaves on the IBA board. So, what do the people in charge of our etat de droit do? The IBA Amendment removes Ithier and the Complaints committee and replaces it with an "Independent" Review Panel..."Independent", according to the psychopaths in la cuisine, means the ability to manipulate a kalchoul with great dexterity and on the strict instructions of the wretched woman who must be obeyed, Lady Macbeth.

ALL the members of this "Independent" Review Panel will be nominated by none other than Pravind Jugnauth with strict instructions from la cuisine...Independent? Yes, as independent as a castrated man looking at his balls and saying goodbye to them...

4/ I have often told you how our court system has lost a great deal of credibility and is now swimming in the same sewer as so many of our corrupt institutions. This IBA Amendment confirms the fact that even the government knows that our judiciary no longer has a good reputation and can easily be bypassed, even if it goes against our constitution: The "Independent" Review Panel will in fact have more powers than a judge in a court of law! That panel will act as prosecuting authority, and will "sentence" as it deems fit to do, in the sure knowledge that the barbarians in power have to all intents and purposes removed the right to appeal. Yes people, even if the "Independent Review Panel" makes the wrong decision, the nominee arse lickers will not incur any liability!

Now tell me, if these so called 'patriots" had any sense of shame, someone like the Solicitor general, Dhiren Dabee, would remove his fat arse from the board of IBA where it had been resting for so many years. But, as I said, these people have no shame at all, so he will remain and draw his miserable allowances as usual...

As for Radio 1 and Radio Minus: You will all recall how they made a few bleating noises at the beginning, but very soon went completely quiet. Ask yourselves why....It is because it has now become a cynical exercise in opportunism, i.e. If top fm is closed down, these vultures hope that its listeners and advertising clients will move on to them...Its zourlanus are pretending that they have not heard of the IBA amendment and refuse to write anything that would criticise the government's latest foray into authoritarianism and dictatorship.

Finally, Radio 1 is now practically owned by an optician who has passed his shares on to his son. He has never paid even one cent for those shares belonging to Dawood Rawat, but instead surreptitiously put them in his own name when the government stole all Dawood Rawat's assets, including BAI and Bramer. 
Dawood Rawat also paid a substantial amount of money to Eshan Khodabux for a huge chunk of shares in Radio Minus.....

Both Radio 1 and Radio Minus have been dancing on the grave of someone intentionally murdered by this government....and they both employ many zourlanus all too willing to pretend that everything is ok...
Old habits die hard...and they soon will be dancing on the grave of Top fm, and singing the tunes composed by Lady Macbeth and her toxic band in la cuisine.

I would say "Shame on them" but they have no shame at all...Our little Hitler..Heil Herr Jug!

Jeudi 25 Novembre 2021

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