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[Paul Lismore] The shameful silence of the press when our democracy is under attack...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 20 Novembre 2020

“The printing press is either the greatest blessing or the greatest curse of modern times, sometimes one forgets which it is.”– E. F. Schumacher.

It is quite easy to remember what the Mauritian press is, especially over the last decade. It is mostly a curse of our times, staffed by absolute idiots who will print anything for a few shekels.

Gone are the days of the great writers, the editorialists with a cultured pen who would present to us the reality of our lives in an objective, non partisan manner. Now, we have pretentious, uncivilised oiks who have the cheek to call themselves 'journalists' and who are always ready to sell their poison pens to the highest bidder.

We have all seen the clearly fake videos of Roshi Badhain being peddled by the toilets known as Insane News and Wazaacunt, both owned by an arsehole known as Sunil Gohin.

Both pestilential organs are largely financed by contracts awarded in very strange circumstances by Sherry darling and his MT of trolls, mercenaries, and 'copper bottomed' commissions.

The whole infernal group takes its orders from a woman so arrogant that she really believes her limitless stupidity is a sign of great intelligence that lesser mortals cannot detect: Lady Macbeth.

Whenever we think of the wives of Prime Ministers, we feel some glow of admiration and respect for them. SSR's wife, NR's wife, PRB's wife were all respectable, decent women who never interfered in State affairs and stayed well clear of the politics of their husbands.

That is a fact that is begrudgingly accepted by even the opponents of the PTr and the MMM.

Even Lady Sarojini evokes a certain amount of respect, despite her meddling in her husband's business as Prime Minister. But we have never had someone like Lady Macbeth who has now surpassed crimes of the Shakespearean heroine in terms of evil machinations and direct interference in the way this island is governed. I

t would not be so bad if she injected some intelligence in her Machiavellian plans, but all her schemes are based on the stupidity of the lowest common denominator: family and arse licking friends first, then emphasising the differences in the various ethnic groups on the island, and now pretending to be a Hindu warrior, the pure and dignified Sita...despite being half Christian herself!

What a woman! When on the day prior to the 2014 general elections, some idiots broadcasted a deeply personal conversation between SAJ and Lady S about her private lifestyle, I sprang to her defence and voiced my outrage on Facebook. What has happened since? The online victim has now turned out to be the 'brains' behind an online campaign featuring 'deep fake' videos where opponents are made to say things that they would have never said in a million years. 

You remember the "Katori" nonsense on the day before the last general elections, where Navin Ramgoolam's words were distorted to make it look like he was insulting Hindus?

That was a successful attempt at stealing victory from the jaws of defeat, and the MSM was returned to power, albeit in a stolen election, based on that fake video, the increase in old age pension, and an election held in conditions so corrupt that they might encourage Kim Jong Un to give honorary North Korean citizenship to members of the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Supervisory Commission....  

I told you she is quite stupid. She has now followed the Katori nonsense with getting her lisien la cuisine creating various deep fake videos showing Roshi Bhadain insulting Hindus, Moslems, Creoles/Catholics, old people, in fact every one! Haha! How stupid can you be? Doesn't she know that no politician, however stupid including her own husband, would never, ever insult every ethnic group on the island?

That in itself should convince even the retards blindly following her that the videos are lies...

What is worse is the silence of the so called 'normal' newspapers towards this outrageous assault on our democracy. Nothing in L'Express about this. Nothing in le defi, but then that 'paper' is already being used to line the bins in la cuisine....

Why, people? You like to call yourselves 'journalists', and yet you completely ignore this latest, quite unheard of, and absolutely scandalous assault on journalism by the arseholes in Insane News and Wazaacunt? How can you keep quiet when the name of journalism is being dragged through a cesspit of shit by individuals who could never be journalists even if God bestowed some kindness on them?

But this is not surprising at all. Those 2 toilets known as Insane News and Wazaacunt are largely staffed by zourlanus who used to work for L'Express and le defi. Old habits die hard, eh?

Vendredi 20 Novembre 2020

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