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[Paul Lismore] The school brat who never fails to show us how stupid he really is...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 12 Novembre 2021

1/ He goes to the COP 26 summit and tells lie after lie about our "green" policies and our environment.

He fails to mention the hundreds of 100+ year old trees that have been mercilessly chopped down since he came to power, his lamentable failure to deal promptly and efficiently with the Wakaisho disaster, the vast tracts of a green land now turned a dirty grey with concrete and ugly, rich people, our seas being raped by foreign vessels and our fish given away to other countries for a pittance, and the snail like pace of our abundant sun being exploited for energy instead of coal; and how like all our politicians, he shows how he compensates for his little dick by purchasing with our money the biggest cars on the market.

2/ When Modi, Biden and the leaders of rich, big countries return home after 2 days to deal with national problems, the spoilt brat spends another 8 days in the UK, whilst pocketing at least Rs 35,000 every day as per diem and fuck knows how much "entertainment allowance" and other allowances he dishes out to himself.

3/ His friend and benefactor, Alan Govinden, dies in London, and any other politician would have at least pretended to be sad whilst visiting his friend's relatives...As far as we know, he did not visit the bereaved family.

4/ Whilst in London, and with Covid ravaging the island, guess what he does? Instead of consulting with the chap acting as Prime Minister, he bypasses him completely! Whilst Obeedoobeedoo is polishing his shit arguments with the grotesque accent that he has newly discovered and telling us that schools will continue to remain open, the useless Minister of Education, Leela Zamai li la, is telling us at the same time through the MBC Pravda, that lekol pou ferme!

The spoilt brat probably had a good laugh thinking how stupid he made Obeedoobeedoo look...

5/ On the day he returns and pollutes us again with his presence, he tells us on Pravda that new restrictions are in place and, crucially, points an accusing finger at us with a zot faute sa! Oui, sa ban macro socio kiltchurel ki fer gran reunion avek ene bobok kom Chief Guest/Speaker, and le roi, ena boukou responsabilite pou sa! Et ban zoaves ki nepli servi sizo pou koup zot poils mai pou koup riban tou ggtri ki zot ouver avek nou larzan...

The time has now come when every time we get advanced warning that the spoilt brat will address us again via Pravda, one can hear a loud moan from the public saying: "Ayo! Ki sa cretin la in fer et ki li pou dire aster? Kisan la li pou blame zordi?"

Vendredi 12 Novembre 2021

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