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[Paul Lismore] The scandalous silence over the resignation of Rudy Veeramundar and the apparently tacit support of most zourlanus for that wretched man

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 7 Mai 2022

Imagine you are Lutchmeeparsad Ramdhun, a decent civil servant who values the importance of true, unbiased service to the people: You join the Government Information Services in 1985 and, following years of hard and diligent work, you are promoted to Director of the GIS in December 2014, during the month when the fake patriots took power. You have never had any adverse report, and everyone agrees that you have performed your duties and responsibilities to the highest standards of competence and integrity....apart from the corrupt, evil bastards in power, esp those closely linked to the PMO.

On 21st May 2019, you receive a letter from the much older chameleon known as Dev Manraj, and you are informed that the PMO " was in the process of restructuring the GIS for greater operational efficiency and effectiveness. In the corrupt world of the higher echelon of the Mauritian civil service, "greater operational efficiency and effectiveness" means " nou bizin met nou dimoune dan to place!".

On 12th September 2019, Nayen Ballah, Secretary to the Cabinet, and close cousin of Lady SAJ, writes to you and tells you that you will be compulsorily retired from public service because you have reached the age of 60. Ballah and Manraj, 2 pions dan la kwizinn, are of course much older than you, but eh! They are nou bann, ok?

Pravind Jugnauth was aware of your serious illness, having undergone treatment, surgery, and therapy at both Candos and a specialised hospital in India. Plus, you have the financial burden of seeing your 2 children pursue their university studies. Does Pravind Jugnauth, the self proclaimed great defender of Hindus, care? Of course not...In a cold blooded and calculated move to replace you with one of his idiots, he proceeds to retire you and to suffocate you and your family financially.

Who does he replace you with? Remember the prescribed Scheme of Service clearly stipulates that the Director of the GIS should possess at least a university degree together with a postgraduate diploma in the field of mass communication. The newly appointed Director of the GIS, Rudy Veeramundar, has never boasted of any degrees he might possess...and his qualifications (or rather absence of them...) do not appear in the staff list of either the GIS or the Ministry of Civil service. Weird, don't you think, for someone whose ego is as prominent as his fat stomach....

So, what exactly are Rudy's qualifications? We know he does not hold any university degree in Journalism or in Mass Communication. The only qualification that he seems to have is "Diplome D'Etudes de Langue Francaise" (DELF), which is a 2 hour paper to test the proficiency in the French language of potential immigrants and foreign students! That seems to be the sum total of his "qualifications", although we would all welcome him showing us any proof that he has more and better qualifications. So far, neither the PMO, nor the GIS, nor Rudy, nor anyone else has shown us any proof of his intellectual "grandeur"...
So, someone with basically no qualifications is made to replace someone who was fully experienced and who had invaluable experience...that is Mauritius in a nutshell, since 2014, I am afraid.

As member of the MBC board, his behaviour was so grotesque that even the supine members of staff at the MBC felt compelled to file a petition to Pravind Jugnauth to inform him of Rudy's interference in the so called news at the MBC...But then, Pravind himself and Lady Macbeth both decide what will go in the farcical "Journal" and the ti toutou Anooj the whisky thief is always keen to oblige...

You want to know the source of Mr Ramdhun's "problem" at the GIS? In 2018, to mark the 50th anniversary of our independence, the GIS was tasked to prepare a special publication to highlight the socio economic development of Mauritius since independence. When the magazine was published, the spoilt brats at the PMO complained that there were too many photos of SSR and of Navin Ramgoolam! Eoula! SAJ pa ti fer ene ferfoute pou lindepndance li! C SSR avek SARM, et Sookdeo Bissoondoyal ki ti travay pou pays gagne so lindependance! SAJ ti p kass poz, li! 

Ramdhun did his job fairly, independently, and as a real civil servant. Because he and the GIS published a magazine to reflect the reality of 50 years of independence and not as a propaganda vehicle for La Kwizinn, he was given his marching orders, to be replaced by a numptie lapdog with no qualifications...What was Rudy's main achievement there, apart from bullying the MBC and recalcitrant press members? He published 4 copies of a crap magazine called G News to highlight the government's "achievements" and that futile exercise cost us almost Rs 5 millions...

Remember, Ramdhun opted to retire at 65, but the bastards in power decided that he was too professional and that they needed a real little dog in charge of "information...BTW, Ballah is well over 60 and still in post. La guele Tekwa rassi Dev Manraj is 75+ years old and still fucking up the rules of good governance. SAJ was Minister mentor at well over 85 years old, and happy to see Ramdhun forcibly retire at 60...Ban hypocrites!

Ramdhun has asked for a judicial review of the crass decision to force him to retire. Let us hope the judges soon remove their fingers from their arses and give him the verdict that he amply merits...After all, he has been waiting for 3 years for the "dernier rampart de nos droits" to do something for him. No favours, just justice.

In the meantime, I will continue not to be surprised by the rather gentle coverage the zourlanus have been giving Rudy. Like politicians, our zourlanus are experts at protecting their own, even the crappiest ones amongst them.

Samedi 7 Mai 2022

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