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[Paul Lismore] The rejection of Adrien Duval's electoral petition...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 28 Avril 2022

I have read the judgement in full, and I bow to no one in my admiration for Judges Iqbal Maghooa and Jugessur-Manna's findings that they disagree with each and every single point raised by Adrien Duval, and their apparently dogged determination to find everything from the Electoral Commissioner, the Electoral Supervisory Commission, and the Returning officer and his numerous staff to be smelling of the most fragrant of roses. Wow! Kouma dire Liverpool (ou Man U, parski si pa mentionne Man U kan mentionne Liverpool, ena pou rode kass mo kiwi...) p zouer kont Scunthorpe United et referee, linesmen, VAR, et la foule entier p krier "Liverpool (ou Man U) mari!

I don't intend to "scandalise the Court", sipaki ggtri, and I will therefore not loosen my tongue too much when I refer to the judgement of these "Honourable" people. Mai vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! All 13 points raised by Adrien Duval were quashed in no uncertain terms, and one goes away after reading that judgement with the bitter taste in one's mouth that Obeedoobeedoo and that clown Dhunnoo must be the most intelligent, perfect human beings on earth....and that the Electoral Commissioner and the political nominees on the Electoral Services Commission must be shitting spurts of Chanel number 5 and spraying the room with super classy perfume every time they fart....

I will look at only one of the points crushed into oblivion by the Honourable Twosome, which refers to those mysterious computers never before used in previous elections, and I will rely on the legendary deductive powers of Lepep admirab to answer the question that follows from that particular decision:
The judges said that "  there is no evidence of any link between the computer room and the physical manual counting of the votes. The alleged opacity surrounding the computer room is in the circumstances an unjustified apprehension of the petitioner."

Kouma ene bon peroke, Irfan Rahman, our Electoral Commissioner since apparently Moses parted the seas, repeated it: " Le bureau du commissaire électoral insiste que le jugement confirme, une nouvelle fois, qu’il n’existe aucun lien entre les computer rooms et le processus entièrement manuel de décompte, vérification et récapitulation des voix."

Now, you wonderful people, this raises an obvious question, non? And the question is: " What was the point of those fucking computers then if they had nothing to do with the votes?" Pa ti pou pli bon met ene marsan dal pourri ou ene marsan poutou dan so place?

You get my point? If the computer was of no use whatsoever for the electoral process, why was it there then, and why did it have so many shady characters for company in that room? I don't wish to alarm Navin Ramgoolam, but guess who will be the judge when his electoral petition is heard? He may as well give up now....

One final anecdote re ex Customs Officer, now Judge Iqbal Maghooa: He was the judge who issued the injunction re the deportation thing, an injunction which was unceremoniously pissed upon by the gablous, who then proceeded to be violent towards the Chairman of the Bar Council, Yatin Varma. When Yatin's people called the Chief Justice, she asked them to call Judge Maghooa. When they did, the latter apparently answered the call but then immediately hung up when he heard the voice of counsel!
Etat de Droit, Eh?

Jeudi 28 Avril 2022

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