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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 24 Janvier 2021

" I am in blood. Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o'er." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 3, Scene 4

A literal translation of the above means that Macbeth has involved himself in so many murders that it is as easy for him to carry on than to turn back.

Of course, you can decide for yourselves who Macbeth is in the Mauritian context, and who is the power behind the throne: Lady Macbeth, the ambitious and nasty woman who turned a fairly decent and harmless man into a prodigious thief who will get rid of anyone suspected of revealing how the loot was stolen...The problem with trying to cover up your crime of course is to identify all those who could open their mouths, simply because they are witnesses to the original crime...and then to decide which ones pose the biggest threat to your survival, and to therefore eliminate them.

If truth be told, they have got away with several murders so far, often with the active connivance and collusion of a police force that remains corrupt to the core, and which unfortunately finds it impossible to cut the umbilical cord that ties it to nasty and corrupt politicians. The most notorious one of course is the Bassin Blanc murders, and despite the population having a fair idea of the family behind those gruesome murders, the police as usual does not know....or is working "d'arrache pied", i.e. going round and round in circles with one pathetic lie following another one.

Kistnen was murdered, and the population came to that obvious conclusion months before a useless police force rather begrudgingly admitted that it was indeed a case of murder, and not one of suicide. What has the police done about it?

Oh "nou p travay d'arrache pied, nou in interviewer 40 dimounes ziska ler"....Yes, they seem to think they are in some sort of competition to see who can interview the most number of idiots without finding anything of value. Of course, they have yet to interview anyone who the people suspect to be behind the gruesome murder. Same as the case of fictitious employment of Madam Kistnen by Yogida Sawmynaden, where a normal police force would have interviewed the wretched man a long time ago and charged him, based on the evidence that we all know..

Unfortunately, Mauritius is the only democracy, the only etat de droit in the world where a police force is run and managed not by a police commissioner but by the abomination known as la cuisine. 

So, who should now be watching their backs extremely carefully following the murder of Manand Fakhoo? Remember El Toro was part of the mob who came to provide support for that minister at court. Why was he eliminated? Was it his name that was written down and passed on to the magistrate? Why would he refuse to be helped by the police, and instead decided to drive his bloodied body to the hospital? Why didn't the police stop him? What made Fakhoo conclude that he could not trust the police, despite being a new recruit to la cuisine? Why so much confusion about the type and number of bullets used on him? Why did a police superintendent claim that no guns were used and that he had been assaulted with an iron bar? Why did the doctors looking after him fail to see the bloody big bullet in his neck, which they now say is the cause of his death? 

The circumstances of the murder of Manand Fakhoo and the arrest of 2 people so quickly after the shooting has now shred the credibility of the police force to pieces....helped to a large extent by the most stupid, self aggrandising 'press conference' by a police commissioner who once again was fed some incredibly stupid and arse licking questions by the zourlanus in attendance. The obvious question being asked by everyone is this: " It takes you 2 days to arrest the 'murderers' of Fakhoo, and you have not made one fucking arrest 3 months after the murder of Kistnen? Your "Safe City" cameras work only when you want them to work? Sa Rs 19 milliards nou larzan pou sa ban cameras en fesse la, sorti depi lamoresse torpa sa?"

What sort of police commissioner is this who does not have one word to say about the nasty videos being made against Madam Kistnen?

How stupid and insensitive can a police commissioner be that he does not have one word to say about how the widow of another victim was forced to undertake a journey 'pou pran l'air' avek ene gablou ki vreman bizin castree li? We have had some terrible police commissioners, but Servandersing has to be by far the worst. It is a good thing that he is not a "Vaish", sinon boukou ti pou dessire li ene nouvo trou online! As it is, you rarely see any of the so-called "higher caste"(often self proclaimed...) saying anything about the worst police commissioner in our history, presumably because they all "Sing" from the same hymn sheet....

So, who are the people who should watch their backs, before 3 witches in la cuisine prepare their poisonous broth for them?

All those who know about the circumstances surrounding murders of Kistnen, Kannakiah, and now Fakhoo; all those who know how la cuisine stole billions of rupees from us through made to measure procurement contracts; all those who know how Rs 19 billions of our money were wasted in installing cameras that are useless, and whose filthy pockets have that huge amount of money gone into...and the hospital staff who incredibly missed the bullet lodged in Fakhoo's neck, which caused his death. I am afraid some of them will be silenced so that they don't blurt out the truth.

 Vishal Shibchurn, a friend of Fakhoo, ought to invest in good rear view mirrors....As should many of the current Katoris who perhaps know more than is good for their personal safety.

Dimanche 24 Janvier 2021

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