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[Paul Lismore] The persistent police pervert needs to be suspended and prosecuted...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 13 Septembre 2022

Standards in our institutions have dropped so low that soon many will be crawling on their stomach like the snakes they really are, instead of bending down in front of the idiot they feel compelled to obey. What has happened to the sense of honour and pride that police officers, civil servants, anyone in public office used to have? Do these people have any dignity left in their miserable souls?

What would drive anyone in authority to 1/ say that a fully functional phone is now damaged after the police took possession of it? 2/ to let the public see intimate photos from that "broken down phone" that should have never been made public, in a despicable act of cowardice and gutlessness? It is pointless talking about shame, because those in authority seem over the last few years to take great pride in showing us that they have no sense of shame whatsoever.

I will try to show a modicum of generosity and try to understand what would drive a police officer to do such a shameful and, lest we forget, criminal act. Does he suffer from severe problems of erectile dysfunction, and can only get it up when he sees others doing and enjoying what he can't? Does his erection then reach 3 inches which would allow him to boast about how "big" he is? Does it get to 3 1/2 inches when he illegally distributes to the world intimate photos of those taken into custody, and then calls himself King Dick? Why can't he simply watch any of the thousands of porn websites, like everyone does, except those who pretend that they don't? 

Maybe, he is fed up with putting a mirror under his fat stomach in order to see what his dick looks like.. Many people would advise him that if he wants to see a dick, all he has to do is to look at his face in the mirror... 

As usual, the Dipshit "in charge" of our police force continues his pitiful parroting of whatever his God, Pravind Kumar does, i.e. claim ki mo pa konne sa moi! " «Je n'ai pas encore pris connaissance de cette affaire jusqu'à l'heure.», he exclaims in the pitiful voice of eunuchs and faithful servants.

He is now copying his God in saying words that simply have no meaning whatsoever when you see how thoroughly useless they both are: " departures from the established ethical standards and deviant behaviours will not be tolerated», he probably read with a yawn from some pre pared nonsense written by an idiot with a sense of humour. It really makes us wonder why we tolerate an idiot like him as commissioner when so far he has shown himself to be as far away from normal ethical standards as it is possible to be.

As for ASP Jag "Hi, these leaves will look good in your toilet", everything to him is now a "complot fomenté par le camp d'Akil Bissessur ». Did the police plant drugs in Akhil's girlfriend's house? Most people now believe they did, but Ene complot sa! Has the police illegally distributed intimate photos of the couple on WhatsApp? Ene complot sa! Eski kan Pravind dire toi, kaka, to baisse to kalson en place? Ene complot sa!

Kan mo dire zot ki vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la, koir moi! Ban pli gran criminel dan pays p met zoli costime, zoli uniform, et p dire nou ki zot kontan servi pays...Lepep ki konne pense truv plito ban voleurs, ban bandits ki servi pouvoir ki Lepep Kouyon in donne zot pou kraz le boja de sa meme lepep la....

Mai rapel bien! Akhil et so 35 p fer ene mari conplot kot zot met ban feuilles dan toilettes et lerla invite Jag "Hi mo envi kraz partou" rant dan lakaz...Sa 2 la p fer mari conplot kan zot filme zot fer seki la plipar dimoune fer et gagne bon fer (apart gablou gro vant), et lerla dire Jag "Hi, guet seki ou envi lor mo phone", et si ou envi partaze ar lepep, fer gablou gro vant met lor WhatsApp pou so 3 pouces kapav vine meme longeur ki ti le doi ene zom normal...

You want to know how Dipshit is really useless? "Contacté hier matin, le commissaire de police dit qu'il n'est pas au courant de la fuite de ces images privées jusqu'à présent. «Mo pa koné ki vidéo ou pé dir. Mo pann trouv nanié ziska ler, mo pann pran okenn konésans lor sa zafer-la.»"

That tells you all that you need to know about our police commissioner. In these days of economic emergency, a lot of money could be saved by simply replacing him with a dummy that says " Oui, mo bourzoi" to every order of the ti cretin.

After all that is precisely what the Dipshit does every day...

Mardi 13 Septembre 2022

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