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[Paul Lismore] The obscene amount of money we fork out for politicians until the day they die...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 22 Novembre 2020

Next time you see a politician, any politician who asks you to vote for him/her, to 'Vote bloc' for his party, because he or she will 'gouverne autrement', ask him/her this simple question: Larzan taxpayer, nou larzan, pou mari tor ma sa?" The reply will predictably be 'Non, nou pa fer sa, nou. Ban la ki fer sa!" 

Then ask him why we have to pay them a pension until the day they die simply because we have been stupid/generous/gullible enough to elect them for 2 mandates. You want to know how corrupt this system of pension for life really is?

Have a look at the National Assembly (Retiring Allowances) Act, 1976, especially Section 3(4) which states that " Notwithstanding this Act, any retiring member who served as a member of the Assembly for the period or any part of the period commencing on the date of the first sitting of the Assembly held after the general election of 7 August 1967 and ending on 30 July 1971 and for the period orany part of the period commencing on 31 July 1971 and ending with the dissolution of Parliament which next followed, shall be deemed to have served 2 terms and this Act shall apply to him."

Remember, an already obscenely generous pension scheme for our serviteurs du pays allows any MLA to draw a pension for life after serving only two mandates. The General elections of 1971 had been cancelled because of the State of Emergency promulgated by the SSR/SGD government as a result of the dramatic rise in popularity of the MMM, but our serviteurs du pays have used their peculiar sense of opportunism and creative imagination when it comes to taking our money, and decided that no elections really means those elected in 1967 can claim to have served two mandates at the subsequent elections in 1976!

Despite being elected only once...And those people are still drawing a pension....

If you think that is bad, take some anti depressants now, and then read this section about what President Baigan can look forward to, and which all previous ex Presidents and ex Vice Presidents can enjoy until the day they die....and their surviving spouses too! It does not matter whether these individuals have servi nou pays for one day, one month, or even one year: that privilege entitles them to a life of luxury and insane privileges entirely at our expense, until the day they die.

The President's Emoluments and Pensions Act, 1992, otherwise known as the Grand Larceny Act, states at Section 4 that " 4. Pension and other benefits to retiring Presidents and Vice-Presidents(1) there SHALL be paid to every retiring President or retiring Vice-President a monthly pension equivalent to two thirds of a monthly instalment payable under section 3 (3) FOR THE REMAINDER OF HIS LIFE." Sub section 3 really warms the cockles of one's heart..."  (3) A retiring President or Vice-President shall, FOR THE REMAINDER OF HIS LIFE, be entitled to— (a) the service of a clerk-typist and an office attendant at Government costs; and (b) a Government motor-car with chauffeur FOR LIFE.

Now ask yourself this: A clerk -typist? Ever known Karl Offman or any of the ex serviteurs du pays write anything meaningful?

But we can't be nice and generous to only those serviteurs du pays, can we? What about the spouses, I hear you say? Section 5(1) ensures that we provide the poor pets with a life of luxury too..." Where a President or Vice-President dies either in office or after retirement, his spouse shall be paid— (a) for the first 12 months immediately after the death, an amount equivalent to the pension payable under section 4 (1); (b) after the first 12 months, an allowance equivalent to 50 per cent of the pension mentioned in paragraph (a), FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SPOUSE'S LIFE.

By the way, the pensions for these people are also Tax free....

So, next time any politician from any party asks you to vote for him/her, ask the wretched individual what he/she thinks of these privileges, and whether this prodigal lunacy which we can ill afford will continue under his/her government. Marker garder! Zot pou bourer kan diman zot sa!

If you really want to confuse him/her, ask the serviteur du pays what exactly is an 'entertainment allowance', which is more than what hundreds of thousands of our citizens have to live on? or a 14th, 15th, even 16th month pay and privileges for their nominees to fuck up our parastatal orgs even more than the previous lot have; or the free business class travel once or twice a year with per diem too as part of their contract of 'employment'; or the free phone calls that makes one wonder whether these people have any time for work at all if they really spend all the Rs 2-3 K of phone calls they are entitled to every month; or those missions  bidons that all of them scream at election time  'nou pou areter' but which they never do.

Or the free chauffeur driven limousines AND the insane privilege of being able to buy another duty free limousine at the same time that these parasites enjoy at our expense; or the huge number of vehicles that attract no duty at all despite this island now choking under the huge level of poisonous fumes from these belching monsters. Or the absolute fortune dished out to zavokas friends, also known as tenors du barreau, for 'legal advice' to our parasitical orgs when so much money could be saved by appointing full time lawyers instead.

But lepep admirab being the docile, gullible entity that it is, these things just do not matter. A bottle of Goodwill, a plate of briani containing an anaemic piece of chicken, a little bribe of Rs 500, and Lepep Kouyon will not only vote bloc but vote ciment also.

Dimanche 22 Novembre 2020

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