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[Paul Lismore] The next elections will be fought along communal lines...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 27 Août 2021

And only one party will be responsible for this shameful desire to grab power by any means possible. Yes, you have guessed right: it will be the MSM, deluding itself in the belief that 37% of the population that "voted" for it at the last elections will do so again if an appeal is made to their fictitious solidarity and brotherhood. The reality is quite different. Let me explain:

I am a Hindu myself, and most Hindus I talk to recognise the fact that there is no community that is more divided in Mauritius than the Hindus.

Whether on linguistic, tribal, casteeist grounds, we find that those who practise Hinduism in Mauritius are much more interested in whether they are Tamil Hindus, Marathi Hindus, Telegu Hindus, Vaish Hindus, Babooji/Maraz Hindus, Rajput/Ravived and god knows what else Hindus, and ignore the fact that they are all Hindus and all practise the same religion. We can thank the politicians, the socio cuntural arseholes, and fake Maraz/poussari etc for this sad state of affairs.

Tamils started to distance themselves from the main Hindu group in the Sixties when the PMSD realised that the best way to deal with the majority community electorally was to eat away at its fringes. Thus, the Tamil United Party was formed, and voted against Independence with the PMSD. Conversion of Hindus into other religions, esp Christianity at that time, increased rapidly, as if the substitution of many Hindu Gods by one Christian one will somehow resolve the problems that these people face on earth...

Then came the Seventies and the advent of the MMM and its refreshingly Mauritian approach to politics. Unfortunately, Berenger soon developed his quite stupid "communalisme scientifique" doctrine, and betrayed the main Hindu community by instead targetting, like the PMSD did, the Tamils, and to some extent, the Marathis and Telegus.

At that time, the vast majority of Creoles and Tamils voted for the MMM, as well as the majority of Muslims, and a substantial number of Hindus.

This enabled the first 60-0 victory in our history, which soon crumbled when Berenger behaved like the Prime Minister and treated the real PM SAJ like a little lapdog. The inevitable happened and the first fully communal elections since independence took place in 1983. The Hindus voted en bloc for the MSM, together with enough Creoles and Muslims for the MMM to lose, and for Berenger himself to lose his seat in 18.

It would appear that Pravind Jugnauth is a total dunce in history, as he seems keen to repeat Berenger's mistakes along communal lines since the Seventies.

Where Berenger went for the minority segments of our population, Jugnauth believes that the 37% who voted for him in 2019 along communal (Katori) lines will do so again if they are stupid enough to believe again his appeal to the mythical Hindu solidarity. I am afraid it won't happen. Why? Because no government in our history has ever stolen as much as these miscreants have. No government has behaved with such abominable incompetence as the one led by Pravind Kumar Jugnauth.  And he just cannot put it into his thick head that Hindus have suffered just as much as the other communities from his incompetence and terrible waste and looting of our money. 

The other thing that PJ ignores is the massive influence of Lee Ki Sim's money at the last elections, an act of corruption hitherto unseen on the scale demonstrated in various constituencies. People forget that Port Louis/Montagne Longue, Curepipe/Midlands, Savanne/Black River, Mahebourg, and one or two other constituencies were won simply by plying poor, Creole people with Alcohol, Kentucky Chicken, and a few thousand rupees notes.

He also ignores the largely destructive role played by the minor parties, including the MMM and the Reform Party, in constituencies 5-13, which enabled MSM candidates to squeeze past the PTr candidates, and MMM and Reform candidates losing their deposits. 

We all know about those mysterious computers, the T Squares, etc, and one expects the opposition to be much better prepared this time, so that these "irregularities" are highlighted earlier than on polling day. Same as we would expect the opposition to exhort people to ensure their names are indeed on the Electoral Registers, because we can't really rely on the Electoral Commissioner or the ESC to do their jobs properly, can we?

So, what is left for PJ to do to try to desperately win the next elections? Yes, he will try to make Hindus remember that he is a Hindu too, and will hope that there are sufficient poor Creoles who still have not understood a basic little trick:

Take as much money as you can from the bastards, but then vote for the future of your children when you are in the polling booth, and no one can see who you are voting for...

So, Pravind Jugnauth is a Hindu, eh? Is this why he forgot the rest of the Mauritian nation yesterday and got only a Hindu priest to perform a ceremony for the new hospital? Pa ti ena oken pretres, Imams, etc dan le paraz? Shame on him! But then, he does not know what shame is, judging by his behaviour and absence of reaction over the murder of his Chief Agent in number 8, Kistnen...

Finally, eski Pravind Jugnauth in converti? Parski Hindous pa prier avek la main en ba kumsa... Ban Katoris bien bizin koner si li enkor Hindou, non? Haha! 

Vendredi 27 Août 2021

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