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[Paul Lismore] The new DPP has until Monday to show us that he is a good, decent, and independent man

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 23 Février 2023

[Paul Lismore] The new DPP has until Monday to show us that he is a good, decent, and independent man
I sincerely hope that when Rashid Amine heard the incredibly stringent bail conditions against Bruneau Laurette, he felt the same degree of shame and disgust that most of us felt.

And I really hope that he fell off his chair when he heard his representative in court immediately appealing against the magistrate's decision to grant bail on conditions that sound suspiciously like imprisonment at home...or even worse.

I am sure he must have heard the expression " B kot nou p alle dan sa ggt pays la?" Unfortunately, that reaction has now become a daily occurrence, and often on more than one occasion during the same day. It is the natural response of a helpless population when faced with incompetence that is simply breath taking by people being paid a fortune of taxpayers' money, of the laziness and uselessness of individuals who then have the temerity and shamelessness to be big headed and arrogant...We now have a population constantly facing corrupt people whose duty is to maintain law and order and not to debase and vitiate it into an instrument for granting favours to corrupt bastards and to turn innocent people into criminals. 

I am afraid, Mr new DPP, that is the reality of the daily lives of a huge number of people in Mauritius: corrupt, easily bribable police officers colluding with bent magistrates, thieving politicians, and other people living the good life on taxpayer's money and making life hell for otherwise innocent citizens...Unfortunately, this now includes some of your own representatives, if not the whole institution that you represent.

So, if you believe that the bail conditions against Bruneau Laurette are fair and commensurate with the rather gentle bail conditions imposed on infinitely more serious and dangerous individuals, then you must do your duty and ask for even more severe bail conditions...even though it is almost impossible to imagine bail conditions more debilitating than the ones already imposed by the magistrate.

But if in your heart of hearts, you believe that the bail conditions are excessively harsh and might even come under the "cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment" category of human rights, then as an individual and as a professional, you ought to withdraw that rather silly and tempestuous appeal by your subordinate.

 The current bail conditions will turn his house into a prison with little breaks twice a day to go out and visit the local police station. The decent person that we think you are should not therefore object when the defence hopefully asks for a Variation Order to those inhumane bail conditions, so that Bruneau Laurette's house will not look less comfortable for him than the prison cell he has been occupying for over 4 months.

It is called humanity, dear DPP...Simple, basic humanity. Do the decent thing, please.

Jeudi 23 Février 2023

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