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[Paul Lismore] The new Cyber Crime law is designed to protect the trolls and Chatwas, and to hammer anyone critical of the arseholes in power

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 17 Novembre 2021

All politicians will tell you that they are better than their opponent at fulfilling your dreams; none of them will tell you exactly how they intend to achieve that noble aim. Opposition politicians will constantly rail about the vast amount of public money spent on so called "missions", but none of them will give a solemn undertaking about exactly what they will do to control this deeply immoral waste of public funds should you vote them to power.

They will bore you to tears about the huge number of advisors used by the current government and the exploitation to death of the "jobs for the boys" syndrome, without ever telling you how exactly they will do things differently. They will go on and on about maja karo, chauffeur driven limousines, commissions lor commissions lor contrats en fesse, etc etc.

But their concern is limited to the fact that the jobs are not going to their own boys, and nothing else; they could not care two hoots whether the right people with the right qualifications and experience are being recruited or not-- their only concern is the fact that that the other lot is in power and therefore any means necessary has to be deployed in order to obtain the all important power at the next elections, so that their own brand of idiots and charlatans with fake degrees are ensconced in positions of authority that are inversely proportional to their I.Q. level and ability to do any job decently.

You think I am being harsh? Ok, ask yourself this question: How many of you would vote for anyone asserting that once he is in government, he will use your money to pay astronomical salaries and chauffeur driven limousines, entertainment allowances, free phone calls, 15 months salary, etc  to his friends and relatives, and simultaneously dip deep into your pockets for 1st class air tickets and expenses to attend the many stupid conferences that bring nothing to this country?

Would you vote for someone who will tell you that once he is in government he will be too busy doing zilch in an air conditioned office whilst contemplating the best profile to show the servile MBC cameras at the next socio cultural meeting he attends? Would you vote for such an individual? Of course not. But our politicians know that Mauritians always fall for bullshit, and that the shit peddlars with the less smelly shit will always win the elections...esp if these days the plate of shit comes with some Rs1000 notes generously provided by Lee Ki Shim.

That is why we continue to elect politicians, even those whose picture has the same effect on our appetite that an icy cold shower has on an erection... Oscar Wilde cynically described remarriage as ' the triumph of hope over experience'. Our continuous renewal of vows with different sets of politicians every five years over the last two decades shows that we remain a nation hungry for honesty, proper leadership, and selfless people to take us to the Promised Land. Situations with politicians have always been sad, and relationships with them invariably end up being bad; but hope drives us to believe that next time, they will finally be true to their words.

But it really takes a special group of shysters who repeatedly want to use the abominable exploitation of women and underage girls online as an excuse for erasing our right to freedom of expression. It is a pity, although it is entirely predictable, that a piece of legislation as insanely bad as the Cybercrime Bill will be ratified by the person charged with defending our constitution and who probably thinks that Section 12 regarding our constitutional right to freedom of expression is something trivial: President Baigan, who has behaved in the slavish and unconscionably crass and craven manner we have come to expect of individuals given a rollover jackpot lottery ticket for life and who call themselves our "President"...He has shown us that he is not our President but rather the President of the small number of people who nominated him..

Several people have sent me messages expressing their belief that the grotesque new legislation targets me. Maybe, maybe not, but I don't think so. I think it is yet another example of how a band of louts and ne'er do wells who happen to be politicians in power believe and expect nothing but the nauseating adulation and reverence that their zombies show them. And how their monstrously huge egos cannot tolerate any dissenting views and opinions.

Well, I don't intend to stop writing. Nothing will stop me mocking those who have a big stick up their arses and who believe that their shit smells nice. I was ruthless cruel to Ramgoolam and company during the 2010-2014 government when he had lost his mind and his sense of direction . At least he had the decency not to tamper with our constitutional rights or to restrict our freedom.

Our current serviteurs du pays can expect the same 'loyal' service that they have been receiving from me since 2015 when they brazenly and shamelessly stole all the assets of Dawood Rawat and shared it amongst themselves and their friends....But first, I will need to drum up enough patience to try to explain to them the difference between a fake profile and the legitimate use of a pseudonym. I have said "pseudonym" because if I say "nom de plume", idiots like Toussaint and Nuckcheddy will immediately check their pens to see if my real name is written there....

The Cybercrime bill is a licence for the trolls and fake profiles created by Sherry Darling and useless ministers like Bobok Hureeram to assail us with their incredibly bad spelling. The committee handpicked by a cretinous Prime Minister will turn a blind eye to their destructive influence online, but will immediately jump on anyone saying anything critical of le ti cretin on Facebook.

These bastards will then have the nerve to tell us that they are "patriots"...and Obeedoobeedoo will approve with that fatuous smirk and using the latest accent that his speech therapist has drummed into him...

I am surprised the patriots did not make the usual braying noises in parliament yesterday when Patrick Assirvaden said this...Perhaps they were checking their pens for that nom de plume

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Mercredi 17 Novembre 2021

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