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[Paul Lismore] The nauseating sense of entitlement of the golden pussies and assorted ploks...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 14 Février 2022

Things never change, and it looks like they will never change in Paradise Island as long as the current mob of thieves remain in power.

I would hate to think that the mentalite soucerres/parasites/roder bouttes/gourmandise/kokin has now become part and parcel of the DNA of so many of our citizens. But the reality is too obvious to ignore: our sacred duty to vote in elections has been subverted by the winning parties as a golden opportunity to loot and plunder our money for 5 years...with the losing parties waiting for their chance in five years' time to give us their own version of pilfering from the public purse whilst telling us they are servi nou pays.  

We now have a group of women who delude themselves into thinking that lying down or bending down is the most natural way to obtain the top job.... or deep throating a minister who really is as stupid as he looks...

These pathetic creatures have no time for the job interviews that other women take part in; all that they have to do is to flutter their fake eyelashes at some retarded goon pretending to be a minister of the republic, open their legs, and they suddenly find that despite the clear evidence that they are quite dumb, they will get the top job.

And the retarded goon will then compensate for his lack of inches by giving the little slut the biggest, most expensive car possible and all sorts of entitlements that would make any high class prostitute go green with envy. Yes, we are now in the age of the Golden Pussies surrounded by Ploks of the worst kind who have obtained power because idiots had voted for them.

Gone are the days when two ladies displayed uncommon intelligence and incredible luck by getting the top jobs despite not applying for them! How do we know this? Because those two geniuses themselves told us that "Mo pa ti apply pou sa post la moi! Mai ki mo pou fer si donne zot moi top job la?" As SAJ said when withdrawing his money a month before Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo torpedoed the good ships, BAI/Bramer, " Mo kouyon moi?". 

These days, they not only do not apply for the posts but their knickers magically drop at the sight of an idiot wearing a pair of savatte Dodo....who will then proceed to create jobs for them which necessarily demand salaries of hundreds of thousands of rupees, a luxury car, and in one case, providing a seaside bungalow at taxpayers' expense for a foreigner to enjoy life in when so many Mauritian families are homeless...

The tragedy of this indescribably beautiful island is never ending. The Ploks have taken over...until replaced by another group of Ploks after the next elections who will continue to dip into our already empty pockets and steal as much as they can, and appoint as many Ploks as they can on the Boards of Ploks who "run" our parastatal orgs. They will then tell us after every scandal that all the procedures have been followed, the board had approved the decision, tou in fer daprer ban la loi bankal ki nou in passer, bla bla bla...

As I have often said, if you appoint Ploks to a Board, you will inevitably end up with a Board of Ploks, who will always say 'yes' to a corrupt minister and who will find all sorts of excuses to waste our money.. And that is the sad fate of all our parastatal organisations. And of Paradise Island.

One can only hope that God does exist and He/She will frighten the shit out of the next lot that will win the elections, and tell them: "Si to kokin larzan lepep, to fesse pou brile gramatin tanto tou les zours ziska to retourne larzan la! Et si to kontinier kokin, mo pou fer mouches jaunes al fer zot nik kot to graines!"

Lundi 14 Février 2022

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