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[Paul Lismore] The national mottos of Bharat Mata and Chota Bharat

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 19 Juillet 2022

The Indian motto aspires to a beautiful and noble ambition, that Truth alone will prevail. Satyameva Jayate (Truth alone prevails) became the national motto of India in 1950.The politicians might not adhere to it, but at least the national motto describes something that we all try to achieve.

The second motto, (Chatwamev Jayate), refers to a little island in the Indian Ocean where one nasty, thieving family has managed to turn a huge number of people into arse lickers, otherwise known as chatwas. Chatwamev Jayate has been the motto of Chota Bharat since 2014... Now, some people have had no choice through their own personal circumstances but to say the magic words, "Pravind, to meme nou mari!". After all, the patriarch of the family famously said that "Moralite pa renpli vantre"...and if you and your family are hungry, you might even be compelled to say that Lady Macbeth is the Virgin Mary and that no male hand has even come close to her...

Hence the transformation  of Chatwaism to its current virulent, lunatic form. The latest example was yesterday when we saw a young woman with lips which have perhaps sucked too much, speaking an English that has made Boris Johnson seriously consider breaking diplomatic relations with us, for insult to his national language......

On one hand, Satyamev Jayate (Truth alone will triumph)... On the other, Chatwamev Jayate (Arse licking will triumph). That is the tragedy of our island.

Mardi 19 Juillet 2022

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