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[Paul Lismore] The most pointless words in our lives...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 26 Novembre 2021

1/ Number one has to be this daily announcement/request by le Defi: " Suivez la conférence de presse du ministre Jagutpal". You know for a fact that our numero uno menteur will give you a list of figures of the poor souls afflicted with Covid 19 and of those who have unfortunately died, and you automatically know that he is lying. You therefore multiply each set of figures by at least 3, and you might then reach the true figures.

Le defi really ought to change its title for the conference de presse of the lying idiot and call it instead" Come and test your multiplying skills!".

2/ Politicians tells us, " Mo pa pou koz pou tro lontan" and then proceed to pummel our poor senses with at least an hour long of pure drivel.

3/ Getting Facebook notifications telling us " So and so is now live", and we reply in exasperation, " I wish he/she was dead, because not even his/her dog has the patience to listen to that idiot for more than one minute"...

4/ Well meaning people sending you via Messenger a recording of (3), which makes you inclined to tie another knot in the rope at your feet...

5/  A combination of 3 and 4: Who on earth has the time to listen to someone droning on and on and on for over one hour whilst either saying next to nothing or merely repeating what has already been said a thousand times by others? There is one fat chap in particular who drags all the phlegm from deep down in his lungs every five minutes or so, as if to emphasise the most stupid points imaginable in his videos....

6/ " Loyally we serve" is the emblem of the police right at the entrance of Casernes. Of course, everyone knows that accuracy demands that it should be changed to " Loyally we serve la cuisine", as the gablous have been doing ever so loyally since 2014...

7/ A "free and independent" press of course means it is free to publish anything in favour of the rich and the powerful, independently of the views of the public....Money from advertising counts far more than the need to serve the public with accurate, factual news..

8/ Kan ban zoaves kouma Dhunoo, Nuckcheddy, Daliah, Lesjongard, etc koz "patriotisme", eski ena kit meksine ki kapav enpesse nou vomi?

9/ Kan Siva Cooty dire nou depi Casernes ki la police p fer ene mari bon travay, bla bla bla, dimane li si Kommisser Dipshit pou bour sa gro gablou la deor, ou o moin met ene sarz kont li pou aggression et mask naiba...(check the video)

10/ En meme tan, Komisser Dipshit kapav explik nou kouma dimoune (or dumone, according to ministre Pagla) kapav manze san tire mask. Casernes ena ban masques special kot manze rant dan la bouche direk a traver masque la?

Watch this video. Sa gablou la bizin bour deor parski 1/ li bien aggressif pou narien 2/ Li pena masque et li ena toupe violente ene papa et so garcon ki ti ena masque. 3/ Li ena ene la guele bien vilain ki pou fer dumone peur....

Vendredi 26 Novembre 2021

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