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[Paul Lismore] The most disgusting politician in Mauritius

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 29 Mars 2023

Admittedly, the competition for that title is very tight, as so many could easily emerge as the winner. But yesterday, we saw how a nasty little man with a black cockroach on his cheek thrashed all competitors and obtained the top prize.

Yes, he came ahead of the disgustingly useless Speaker, the spoilt brat who should never have been Prime Minister as he is neither a statesman nor has the gravitas to be one, Obeedoobeedoo and his irritatingly false accents and false everything else, and the usual tilapia on the back benches. 

I am afraid they all pale into pitiable insignificance with that one single, sly, deceitful, sneaky act so typical of a hypocrite like you. Let me explain: Jasmine Toulouse is an ordinary woman who has never caused anyone any harm. She stood as candidate for the MMM in your constituency in 2014 and lost. She has led a quiet life since and has never caused anyone any problem. Until your dirty hands once again came into play yesterday and you sneakily, as the coward that you are, passed to Pravind Jugnauth a photo of Jasmine with Franklin in 2014, when no one had ever heard of Franklin except you... " Mo kone tou dimounes dan nimero 14, moi" you bragged before swearing an oath on your children's lives. Hope they are well...

What sort of "man" would do that? By all means have a go at our politicians, at all our politicians, because God knows I hate them all with a passion. But to lick your leader's balls like that in public? Sharam naiba? Sa gro tasse noir lor to la guele la, in devide tou sense la honte depi dan to fesse?

I was really hoping that Pravind Jugnauth would show the statesmanship that he has abysmally failed to do so far, and shoved that photo in your ugly face and said: " Eoula! Mo koir pa li enkor politicien!" But as I said, he simply has no gravitas...

Which reminds me, Mr Gandoo, you gave away OUR State Land to your mistress in 1998, a clear act of corruption. Would you like to show us a photo of you handing over the lease certificate to your mistress? Or was the payment in kind, dan premier karo kann ki to ti truve? Mo ve macro! Soucerre san pitie!

Mercredi 29 Mars 2023

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