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[Paul Lismore] The most devious, grossly overpaid, incompetent, useless facilitator of corruption in Mauritius

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 10 Décembre 2020

As expected, we saw yesterday a disgusting version of the butcher pleading love and affection for the animals whose throats he is about to cut: Yes, Navin Beekarry, the chuttur ka mou in charge of ICAC, was pontificating in a very mediocre English, punctuated by an archaic  "You know' every 15 seconds, about how "vested interests" are impeding his glorious fight against corruption.

I was cursing and swearing at the devious, slippery, insincere speech long before the arsehole managed to mention Mussolini and yours truly in the same sentence...And even then, he could not get that right!

This man, who is guaranteed a judge's position on the day he is kicked out as DG of ICAC, described Mussolini as a " famous Italian King, Emperor", which shows the level of his ignorance. First of all, there was no 'social media' as we know it in the days of Mussolini, and yet Bechara Bikaary knows that Mussolini controlled social media during his time in power! The whole world knows that Mussolini, or "Il Duce", was no King or Emperor, but a politician/ journalist who became Prime Minister of Italy as a result of a coup d'etat, who then established a totalitarian state where legal and illegal means were used to remove all opposition and to outlaw all strikes.

Does this remind you of a ti cretin who is well on the way to establish a dictatorship in Mauritius by first stealing an election, and then appointing all sorts of dickheads to head our institutions? 

I am not vindictive enough to deny our chuttur ka mou the right to be known as the number 1 dickhead appointed by a ti cretin to head our institutions. His record during his long stint at ICAC speaks for itself, and he does not really need me or anyone else to describe what an utter failure and a disgrace to the fight against corruption he has been. The man is so useless that even when he scores a rare victory against a leading politician in the Medpoint case, he shows his true colours by going against all his previous opinions and legal certainties and sides with the defendant at the Privy Council, thus showing the whole world what a real dickhead he is...

The fact that he is worse than useless is known by everyone; yes, even by the cowards who feel that a surreptitious smile is better than blurting out the truth to this monstrously incompetent, biased, and dishonest man. I know for a fact that he has wasted taxpayers' money in sending his team of Clouseaus to do whatever is necessary in order to find my identity. The fact that he and his team have failed in this foolhardy venture shows how incompetent ICAC really is, and reflects the dismal failure in their primary duty to fight corruption.

I defy him to tell you what 'vested interest' compels me to often highlight not just his incompetence but also how he is totally unsuited to lead the fight against corruption. The facts speak for themselves, and if we now find ourselves on Europe's black list, the incompetence and uselessness of ICAC and its DG bear a large responsibility for that.

But the charlatan that he is, and the devious little man that is at the core of his toxic personality will enable him to easily find all sorts of excuses for his lamentable failures. Public perception of ICAC is bad because the staff have not managed to project a positive image of ICAC, he says.

Really? It is like asking the staff to make the shit that he drops in large amounts every day smell nice, non? Ki kalite bourrik sa, do?

As for my identity, keep searching, idiot! Ask your zourlanus friends when they ask you incredibly stupid questions at your grotesque press conferences, because quite a few of them believe they know me, and in fact tell many people that they if that is some sort of trophy the inadequate ones would dearly like to put on their mantelpiece.... So, once you have got the 10 different names that they will give you, do a 'brainstorming' session and pick the one you think is most likely to accurately describe you as a chuttur ka mou.

But remember, anyone can put forward any name they fantasise about!  Even as a mediocre lawyer, you would know that you need real proof and not merely the words of an idiot looking for his/her boutte. And the only proof that you can have is my laptop/pc and preferably photos of me playing with my dick (if I am a man), or probing the Golden triangle if I am a woman. 

So, until you get your grubby hands on my laptop, accept a basic fact, which as our lovely Speaker would say, " Turn over and take it like a man!"

In the meantime, arete vey moi, LKTM! Al trap ban voleurs ki soi dan gouvernman ou ki p travay dan la cuisine avek toi!

Jeudi 10 Décembre 2020

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