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[Paul Lismore] The men primarily guilty of the Rs 12 billions debts written off by the SBM

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 28 Juin 2022

[Paul Lismore] The men primarily guilty of the Rs 12 billions debts written off by the SBM
Yes, it is invariably men who are guilty of the worst crimes of corruption, fraud, and theft of public assets....apart from Imelda Marcos of the Philippines or Isabel dos Santos of Angola, to name 2 of the corrupt women in the world.

In Mauritius, it is invariably men who are the corrupt, thieving bastards who then have the cheek to tell us that they are "patriots" or " Mo p servi mo pays"...It reflects the fact that men have far more opportunity to steal because they are the ones who get the top posts in public life, and therefore have access to the assets that belong to the people. It has become much easier for these thieves to flourish since 2014, simply because all the institutions, our so-called garde fou that are now the havens for thieving maniacs, have been taken over by idiots nominated to these senior positions by the worst Prime Minister in our history. 

Ask yourselves this simple question: WHO WILL STOP CORRUPTION IN MAURITIUS AND TAKE THE THIEVES TO COURT? Our police force? This unfortunately has become just another institution run by the PM and la kwizinn and is no longer a force for the people but a force for the MSM now. ICAC? Please be serious. Just take one look at Navin Beekarry's face and if you can resist the temptation to vomit, just laugh at the impertinence of the idiot when he talks about the fight against corruption, a fight which he has never even seriously started. He has become the symbol of everything that is corrupt, inconpetent, and useless on this island. Our judges? By the time they have finished their incredible number of time wasting adjournments and stopped shocking us with their gross incompetence, it would not matter anyway, as we will all be dead. The Bank of Mauritius? Eoula, depi Padaleksi in bour so savattes sale la ba kom Deputy governor et kom ministre des finances, BOM in vine ene loka de luxe kot milliards disparet depi ene compte al dan lot compte....

So, if there is no one, no institution there to fight corruption, are we surprised that there is so much thieving by the "patriots"? Who is going to stop them? Is there a gablou or someone from ICAC with the balls to arrest Nayen Koomar Ballah, the cousin of Lady SAJ, and to interview him without falling to his feet and saying " Sorry Missier, pa koner kifer in arete ene bon dimoune kouma ou"?

Now that I have mentioned Nayen Koomar Ballah, I may as well tell you that he was the Chairman of the Board Credit Committee, that little Gang of Four, that could play with the SBM's money as they wished and gave away Rs 12.8 billions to foreigners with no collaterals. The other 3 are :

Mahmadally Burkutoola
Rajakrishna Chellapermal
Rishikesh Hurdoyal, brother of the Civil Service minister, planteur zanana...
These four are the ones who approved those gigantic loans.

Now, let me put to you the question that no zourlanus, no gogotologue/sousoutologue, no one has asked: Eski zot koir ki sa 4 la, ban dimounes bien kouyon, extra bobok? Pou zot laisse ban etranze pran par milliards larzan la bank san meme donne oken garanti/collateral? Eoula!

C ban dimoune malin, bien intellizan, et ki in bizin koner ki zot in fer, kan zot in approve sa Rs 12.8 milliards loans. Alor, pou ki rezon zot in laisse ban etranze pran tou sa kantite pitaye la, san ki zot fer sire ki the most basic element of any financial transaction is followed to the letter, i.e. Is the loan safe? Will they return the money? If they don't, have they left enough collateral for us to get our money back?

They did not do that, and the obvious question you must ask now is this: Why would such intelligent men do such a careless, insanely amateurish deal? The answer is very simple: To gratte mo le do, mo gratte pou toi. The foreigners go away with Rs 12.8 billion rupees, and 4 idiots have been grinning from ear to ear, safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen to them, "parski nou ki mari!"

2 names can be added to that list of 4: 

1/ Padaleksi, who was Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius until 2019, the BoM which is supposed to have a supervisory role over all banks, and he has been minister of finance since, which allows him to appoint the big ploks on the Board of Ploks of the SBM.

2/ Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Minister of finance in 2016 when the frauds started, and Prime Minister since, and who has final say in the appointment of Ploks to the Board.

Are you telling me that the 2 biggest Ploks in the world of finance, Padaleksi and ti cretin, knew nothing about these massive frauds? And did nothing when Raj Dussoye, the big Plok of SBM at the time, was allowed to leave the country with a golden handshake after giving the final approval to those loans for foreign thieves?

That is why the battle against corruption is dead. Why? Because the thieves have taken over everything, and Lepep Kouyon is too busy doing some chatwaism or shouting that this leader or that leader, "to meme nou mari!"

Mardi 28 Juin 2022

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